Lost my right channel


I need some assistance, woke up today to find I have lost the eight channel in my system. I have a ND555, 252 (sc) and nap300. I have checked the source by swapping with my old NDX2 and no fault found, I have checked speakers, cables and all interconnects and all fine. Only recent change (a few days earlier) was an upgrade to the ND555, however played perfectly for a few days. I have read suggestions it could be the 252, and also has it suggested to me it could be the nap300. I have tried resetting the 252 and different din inputs but no change. Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Have a read here:

Very similar…

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Thanks, I have actually narrowed it down now to either a burndy issue (the new ND555 burndys have lose plugs and one appears to have been damaged with the sleeve being pulled out of the socket) or the ND555 (which is 2 days old only) itself.

I have the Naim rep coming today with new burndys to test. It it’s the ND555, then I will require a full replacement.

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Sadly was the ND555… replacement to be arranged. Was only 1 day old.

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