Love my system but always something is missing

Continuing the discussion from System pics:

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Um, can’t see any discussion, just someone else’s system. Can you describe what’s missing?

Better sound never pleased enough

You have a big box between the speakers and a reflective table in the middle of the room, tiled floors, a cheap mains block, no speaker grilles, a single stack Fraim that is too high and stops you arranging the leads properly. These are obvious from the pictures. Do you have dedicated mains? Have you got a well set up network?


The grills …

In what way are you unhappy, what’s wrong with the sound?

Right I agree with what you mention,what about the coach on the right side, I think it also
disturbing getting a wider stage, yeee it’s a problem

Don’t have grills anymore

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My network to my Nd 555 including Melco n10 as a server and Melco Ethernet cable …super lumina between 552 to nd555,I think it’s quiet good enough

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Your setup isn’t so good. and it’s what’s causing the “missing”

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In what way?

I would get the dealer in and pay him by the hour. It is probably the most cost effective way to happyness.

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you have wonderful components but not optimal set up. As HH mentionned, the big box with tv between your speakers is a priority problem to solve. The speakers must breathe.
Then all the ps should be on one rack and the components on another.
With your fraim shelves you can make 2 racks.
Finally the cheap powerblock is limiting the possibilities of your system.


what do you mean by saying cheap powerblock? Do you mean power strip

Yes, they mean your power strip and it appears you have two low cost strips.

If you look at the thread about the MusicWorks ReFlex Ultra G3 power strip, you will start to see what a difference a quality power strip can make.

Other potential issues with your set up have also been highlighted, some easy to try out such as removal of the big red box from between the speakers.

In my country We don’t have British power strip,this one was coming from a friend before when he was in England, I’m gonna’ check in the internet for a good one,good point.

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Firstly what a great room so much more interesting than 90% of the bland and beige rooms we see on this forum.
it’s a great shame you’re not entirely happy with your system I would certainly try some if not all of the suggestions mentioned above though these are just tweaks as you’ve done most things right.
After spending so much money I would seek professional help with optimal set up of your system. It’s a horrible feeling when you’ve invested so much I’ve been there though to a much lesser degree.
The main thing is that you’re trying to address the problem and are asking for help I wish you all the very best luck.


Agreed , yes fabulous colour in that room, what an inspiration.

Thanks haaa it’s an old flat,I didn’t mean I’m unhappy with my sound I,I’m quiet happy …but I think it can be much better

Well that’s a very different thing Meni and I suggest then that you try all of the above excellent suggestions. I spent about the last five years worrying about how my system sounded, convinced that it could and should sound better and of course the answer was that it could always have sounded better as no doubt could yours.