Love my system but always something is missing

Grills for your SL2s are available from TomTom audio. Not cheap but very high quality.

yes, powerstrip. Perhaps i am wrong, but from the picture it looks cheap.

I’m going to guess Meni doesn’t have ready access to a knowledgeable dealer able to do that (?)

Right it cheap

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do you have a dedicated switch, different of your router? it changed a lot for me and many here.

I made the comment from a very economic perspective. Hiring a prof costs maybe 10% of the depreciation of that system in 1 year. If it was a 72/140 I would not have made the comment.

But hey, fettling which systems is absolutely fun so here my extra comments:

  • Ensure that all mains leads are as much as possible away from any interconnect / burndy etc …
  • There are probably a variety of different mains leads in use. Replace them all with a Grahams Hydra.

From the op’s photo of his system and room I would guess that op sits in front of system (not covered by photo) to hear system.? The speakers position seem a little narrow apart, do their presentation fill the whole room? If the speakers have a narrow focal point then I pity anyone sitting in the settee shown on the photo, it is situated outside the scope of speakers. I suppose one must do with the space one has in the listening room.

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It depends on dealer :slight_smile: .

In my country Naim dealer didn’t know that Naim has their own Naca5 cable. My dealer says that sound quality is NOT dependent on cables. And always recommends the cheapest cables. Also my dealer says that there is no difference in sound quality going from Atom to Nova. The only difference is wattage. And so on…

I can only imagine how it would react to questions like this :slight_smile:

So going to dealer is not always a good solution, at least in my country.
I think there are only small amount of really good and professional dealers. However there are huge amount of dealers of dealers of dealers, etc…, like in my country. My local Naim dealer is dependent on other dealers, going up the chain. I think that dealers on the top of the chain know everything, but “lower” dealers do not.

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A dealer will be happy to come to earn is bread…but he is not a magician

before i was laughing when reading that ps should be on another rack. I tried and was very surprised.
For the TV, can you fix it on the wall and remove the big metal box?
Perhaps you don’t believe in switches, as i when i bought the nds. I was saying to myself: but what for? there is already a switch on my router. Then a little netgear switch connected to the router gave a big uplift. Not talking of the cisco and quality ethernet cables …

Look at my wall I have a Cisco 2960 everything is written there.

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My suggestion is get an extra Fraim base to split the stack, remove the box beneath the TV, try moving the table (it may or may not make a difference) and order some grilles from Tom Tom Audio. You have all the equipment and I think it’s a case of setting it up really carefully. Let the burndies hang free without touching the wall and floor, and the same for the Din-XLR leads.

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Those woofer cones and phase plugs looks like it could do with a dusting. Use a big long soft bristled brush and a microfibre cloth of the sort you would use for the tv screen.

Sound right …I will do

Are you sure that these speakers are not a limiting factor? I know a lot like them, but perhaps not with such a high system. Just wondering.

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Surprising the amount of money invested in black boxes and the carelessness of the speakers and the set up.

As they’ve pointed out above, the basics: the middle trunk kills the sound, the speakers need quality grilles and greater wall separation, minimally ordered and dressed wiring, and a pair of quality strips (better with protection and Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise and RFI filtering). Additionally, the speakers do not seem the right thing to do given the level of electronics.


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the system is around 80k source/ electronics with 3k speakers and 5 GBP powerblock. With a massive mass between the speakers and very high fraim with all the components and ps on different levels.
Not surprising that something is missing.
However in Israel it’s certainly much more difficult to find a competent dealer than in London.

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I’d say it’s more a matter of a little common sense and care, than a competent dealer or money… Now, I don’t think you can say that the dealer is not competent, after placing 80K in black boxes to improve SQ… :wink:


why not? a lot of dealers are not competent, sorry to say. Naim is u.k. brand, so more probability to find a competent dealer.
However please, i don’t want to start a thread on the competency of an audio dealer. It will not help Meni.

SL2 are not the limiting factor by a long shot. The installation and positioning looks far from ideal however. Like everything, the more complex the setup, the easier it is to mess it up.

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