Low level listening with the SN3

This may be helpful:

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Not the specific text coming up from that post of mine @Suedkiez linked, but discussed elsewhere in that thread

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The rest of the thread too, but I think your post explains the limitations of phones and apps very well and even contains recommendations:

Having compared apps it seemed reasonable to pick one of those giving readings very similar to a number of others. The two I settled on (having slightly different functions suited to different things) are Decibel X and dB Volume

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I thank all who took the time to write me an answer. If to take aside the imbalance thing.
I really want to know if in 45-50 DB there is decent sound with body and strarcture so one can still enjoy from sound atmosphere or in those volume this amp will sound lean

I play my SN2 quite low at times especially when we have friends over and are talking. At these times however, I turn on my subwoofer to aid in the presence of mid and low bass. This makes a big difference and allows us to feel the music nicely without our speach being drowned out.
I use the sub for most classical music I play, as it brings out instruments in the pieces that require it. I love to hear/feel the buzz of the double bass for instance.
Each of my speakers have two 10 inch bass drivers, so they produce plenty of low frequency right down to 18 htz, but at low volumes, or even mid volumes with classical, I really appreciate the subwoofer.


I think you don’t have to worry about your question. The amp doesn’t play a big part in this imo. In normal use (loudness range), any decent amp has a virtually flat response of frequency vs gain/volume. Unless it has a loudness function of some sort.
The speakers and the room play a much bigger role here.

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Wuee, hi Stephen, well found, it was a long time since I read you. How are you? You started like me with Nait5si and ND5xs2! I am still there. You then used XS3 and SN3. I have to take this step but I am hindered because the good old Nait5si still sounds good after 7 years of use. I would like to try XS3 but what about the SN3 apart from listening at low volume? I don’t want to spend a lot of money but if it will give me much more than my 5 for the SN3 I could evaluate it. However I am more inclined to the XS3.

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The cables used in the system could also have an influence over very low level volume structure, body and atmosphere.
With a coherent loom of naim powerline, hiline and naca you should be good.
For certain - other cables will have a more laid back and softened flavour, while others a more brighter and crisp sound.
I have used cables that sound excellent at very quiet volumes, but are all over the place at some louder volume.
The more closer attention payed to setup and perhaps more importantly your source should bring about more detail.
And of course, you could always just plug some headphones in and turn it up.

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Could not agree more. Apart from the channel imbalance issue on the amplifiers you should not worry. Your speaker and room will have more influence on how good your music will sound at low volume.

I thought about the witchhat phantom
What do you think ??
If you have SN3 and you do listen in low level volume sometime , even if it for background will you in the house, what is your DB , or the hour that the volume pot is aiming

There are amp which need some volume to make you enjoy grom the sound … to low will sound lean

Which speaker cable you have

Witch hat phantom…

Why do cd sound so low on low passage and very high on loud passage. Why do we require such wide dynamic range. Listening to western classical music such 1812 is nearly impossible without disturbing the neighbours. I have to turn down volume on loud passage and turn up volume to listen to low passage. Ever since cd replaced turntable, I have lost interest in music. One cd is enough to put me off whereas with my turntable Linn Sondek LP12 I can listen to 8 to 10 hours daily.
Sadly I missed my Linn.

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I’d seriously suggest tho going about a headphone system if volume is a real concern. Right tools for the right job.

Supernait is gonna sound great whatever but for the same Money you could build a stunning headphone rig… I did this for a while when my children were very young and was very satisfied with the overall experience…

An atom HE as a pre and for for the cans and add a decent power amp for the speakers and get the best of both worlds

There isn’t one: none of them are accurate.


hi kiwi

i want it to sound with some weight and strarcture while i doing several things all over the house
or as music atmosphere will sitting with friends or reading a book, so headphone are not the solution for me.
if the naim SN3 still can be somehow involve and musical in low level volume (45-50db) it will be great !
i had a musical fidelity m6si , i was needed to listen in higher volume in order to feel the music, i hated that
my vintage Sansui 7070 receiver for example is fantastic with low level volume, also supernait 2, but i cant find one so i think to go on SN3 .

In this case, a tube amp is a better choice for you rather than a transistor amp.

I get lovely full tunes at 0700 - 07.30
And party gets going at 09.00
Supernait 3 and Kudos X3
Match made in heaven. :+1:t2:

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Sound good
Which cables