Lp12 upgrade with Aro

Hi, Im finally about to replace my well used white collar bearing to a Cirkus bearing. (Gotta be careful what you wish for, I’ve herd that…)
id imagine that the lp12 will need to be turned upside down on the jig at some stage, my question; do i need to worry about the Aro’s internal fluid escaping? If so what is the work around. I’ll say it before someone else does, don’t flip it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but seriously I would appreciate any wisdom on the subject.
Thank you

Take the arm pillar out of the collar, tiny Allen bolt. Keep the pillar upright at all times, or you will lose the fluid and the small ball bearing.

Obviously you will then have to reset the VTA afterwards.

Good luck.

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thank very much. i can what you mean :pray:

Hi Colluwobbles, just read an old post where it had been moderated concerning the name (or a link)of the Aro lubricant. Could you remember the name of that specific lubricant?
just check my one and it’s fine but would be nice to have some for a service while i’m playing in the sand pit!
cheers :clinking_glasses:

I don’t know what the fluid is I’m afraid, someone gave me a small amount. What I can tell you is that is is very thick/viscous.

I would imagine that Cymbiosis near Leicester would be able to advise.

I’m sure someone on here may know what it is.


thanks, probably best i leave it alone as it seems to be just fine. Atb

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fyi, i’ve decided to not do the bearing upgrade at the end of the day. i’ve decided it’s just hifi and not musical enjoyment. the old lp12 aro is so enjoyable just nuts good. lush doesn’t even start to describe it. i’ll hold on to the upgraded bearing and do a sub chassis at the same time when and if it happens. what was i thinking……. hifi, just dumb. got to be careful what you wish for imo

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Very sensible move - if happy with it, good to stick. Leaves more money for music and other good stuff !

Can’t beat the Aro when it is on song. Fiddly little beast but I love it !