Lyra Kleos SL Superline loading question

Just wondering what loading Kleos SL users are using with the Superline?

Unfortunately I can’t access the old Superline Loading thread, not can Naim HQ.

Do you mean this one? - The Superline Loading Thread:

You should have no problem accessing it. Let me know if you still experience difficulty.

IIRC, the recommendation with many Lyras was to start with 500R along with some capacitance - whatever tunes the very top end best.

Thanks! Very helpful.

Naim Support said it was not available when I posed the question to them.

For our Kleos SL, I use the 400R ohm loading Z Foil on the advice of AV Options. No capacitance plug here.

Thanks Skip!

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Having just bought (invested?) in a Lyra cartridge the recommendation is 1000R or the 500R based on run in and listening. The Z foil is a further option. This is my first Lyra. Looks like they benefit from some TLC to get it just right.

Lyra Skala: 470R z-foil cryo Plug, no capacitance

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What would @kuma do with a Kleos SL? That is key.

I think you will find R500 to be too bright
The ideal ie 10x impedance will be under R100
I would suggest starting at R100 and go up from there
I tried my Etna at R500 and it just sounded wrong, overly bright and no bass weight
Moving to R112, ( the lowest I can go) put the music back in place again, I tried upping it to R126 but the balance was erring on the bright side, R112 was better


Thanks for all the replies.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with the bag of R loading plugs!

I agree that 500 didn’t work out too well for my Etna SL but goodness, 112? Wow.
I went down as low as 220 but going down below 300R just slows down the music in my set up.

When I got a new arm, I was swapping different loading but ultimately I settled on the same loading as before.
400R for all Lyras so far: Kleos SL, Etna SL, Helikon SL, and Olympus.

P.S. I’ve heard that Naim no longer supply Airplugs for Superline. Bummer. :nauseated_face:

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When seeking enlightenment one would be advised to ask the organ grinder (as Richard was nicknamed) rather than the …

I was…?

You are now… :grinning:

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Sadly this reflects my recent experience with Naim help …they were none…

To be fair here, they don’t have any involvement with the forum day to day and the search function of the forum archive is not very intuitive (hopefully will be improved in due course) - it certainly pays to have knowledge of the old forum and the thread title specifics in order for it to work at its best.

My question was not forum related…it was product related ,:roll_eyes:

I was referring to Skyelistener’s opening post. But either way I’m sorry they were not able to help you with your product query.