Mac Cleanup

Can anyone recommend a reliable app to clean up the Mac OS (Mojave)?


I’ve never been a fan of third party apps to keep my MacBook Pro running smoothly, and find that the disk utility keeps things shipshape.

As for unwanted apps, they’re easy enough to delete by dragging them into the Trash.

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I’ve successfully used MacPaw’s ‘Clean my Mac’ application for years on Macbooks and iMacs.

Optimises, cleans cache, finds duplicates/old files on both internal and external drives.

Can be downloaded as a free trial before committing to the full version.

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As I understand it, OS X does not need the type of ‘cleanup’ that Windows needs (or needed years ago). Disc Utility is all I ever use. If you think you have lots of duplicate files - there are programs to find those. But that’s not an issue for me.


Many of these 3rd party ‘cleanup’ utilities can cause problems rather than solving them, what exactly do you want to do and why?

Is there a specific issue such as wanting to recover disk space that’s running low?

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Two apps I’d potentially use myself would be:

1 - Etrecheck

Available from the website or the Mac App Store (it might be more limited on the MAS).

2 - Malwarebytes for Mac

If either of these, especially Etrecheck, turns up anything odd head over to Apple’s support forum(below), create a login, head to the relevant hardware page for your Mac and query the issue.

Sounds as though that app has served you well, I personally have no experience of it, though I’d suggest that many seasoned Mac users have reservations about it. I used their Gemini duplicate finder years ago and it seemed fine.

This might be of interest:

I second this … in theory OSX runs its own cleanup regimen. When I have problems I use disc utility to rectify problems with “preferences”.

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MacPaw Clean My Mac X on the newest Macbook Pro and the pre X version on a slightly older one. I use Macbooks for work and am a heavy user and find this program works well for me.

I should add that I have used their products for almost 10 years now without issue.

Do you mean clean up your mac, or clean up issues that Mojave has caused?


Thanks for the info - that last comment is interesting as well. I’ve used Macs for a long time and usually not had problems, but recently I’ve noticed that the mouse starts to behave erratically quite often, and I get sudden blackouts on the screen even though I am working (screensaver kicking in although it is set to 20 mins ). It also takes a lot longer to start up in the morning (then again so do I) than it used to - its a late 2014 retina 5k model with the solid state disk which used to start up almost instantaneously.

So I guess it might be Mojave - I’ll google Mojave problems and see what comes up

My 2012 retina MacBook pro had screen blackout problems which got progressively worse and ended up with me having to leave it in with Apple. Memory lapse on my part but a component had to be replaced and it was a well known issue with the model to the extent that Apple were offering free repairs at a time. I was convinced it was doomed and bought one of the newer high spec models. Unnecessarily it seems as the repaired machine is working perfectly well and I haven’t got round to retiring it!

Hopefully this is not the same as your problem but it may be worth bringing your mac into an apple centre for a check up.


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Thanks - fingers crossed at present as I had a look at known Mojave issues and one did relate to mouse issues (with a fix) and Ive reset the screen saver to see if that helps…having read the article Alley_Cat linked I’ve held fire on a clean up so far (I had used done the disk utility first aid routine) so with any luck things will settle down.

Now to update the iPhone!


Etrechek is a great little app which can generate a diagnostic report on your Mac eg detecting adware/browser hijack apps/software, hardware/software issues and you can then post the report at ASC for people to review for suspicious entries if it doesn’t specifically highlight anything itself. You will see many recommendations for this software which is written by a very well respected contributor there - AFAIK it does not embed itself tightly in the OS or run continuously which is good in my view.

I used Malwarebytes years ago on PC, but have not tried the Mac version but it has been recommended on ASC for some time as a trusted option.

If you are seeing hardware glitches it may be worth getting it looked at by an Apple store, though they could be down to software.

Let us know how you get on.

Most 3rd party cleanup type apps are not well liked over at Apple Support Communities, but several posst indicate no issues with certain products.

If buying/downloading a 3rd party app try to do so from the developer’s site directly (or the Mac AppStore though MAS versions can be more limited due to Apple’s walled garden restrictions).

I used to download and buy a lot from MacUpdate, but it seems they and other download sites fell out of favour as demos from them may have been modified to include malware/adware installers according to that linked article.

Highly recommend Malwarebytes. My mac was nigh on unusable almost to the point of me considering replacing it. Spoke to Apple Support who recommended Malwarebytes. Sorted out all problems in a very short time. Annual subscription very reasonable - about £25.


Thanks - I’m going to check out Etrecheck and Malawarebytes.

My mid 2012 MBP continues to work well. I’ve never undertaken any sort of “clean-up” activity. (Did have new battery & keyboard module fitted a couple of years ago.)

Our IT department uses Malawarebytes on our corporate Windows machines. It seems OK.

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A helpful thread thanks, for someone like me who has recently bought a MBP.