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I just bought a Mac mini (M1) and being pretty computer dumb…do I download the Naim App for iOS? There isn’t a Mac program. I plan on using my iPad mostly, but for when…also, do I connect the Mac to the Nova from the usb-C (on the Mac) to the usb on the Nova?

For the app, use the App Store, search for Naim, then click on the tab “iPhone & iPad Apps”. Sorry, don’t know about the Nova USB option

You cannot connect a computer to the USB input on a Naim streamer. To run the Naim app you just need a network connection.

No wired connection therefore. Ok.

That address another question; so mobile apps for iOS and iPadOS work on a Mac OS?

On the new M1 Macs, yes.

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It is…just got it today. It was in China day before yesterday. That’s pretty nuts isn’t it? I’m bumming because apparently you need to type in your password every time you wake the screen. My iPhone and iPad Pro spoiled me.

You might want to play around with the Mac login settings in ‘Security and Privacy’.

Nothing to do with controllingThe Mac Mini can be used as a NAS, storing and serving music files to a streamer across a network. A few years ago I found it worked well in that way using the free Serviio app in the MM.

You can also use software like Audirvana (about £75 last time I looked), for which there is a control app you can have on a phone or tablet. Audirvana can serve your own music files from the internal drive, or (with a subscription) can link to Tidal or Qobuz (and can even do the first unfold of MQA files from Tidal if wanted, though MQA is not the same as original hi res), all passing across your network to your streamer. I don’t know how good it is in that mode (I use Audirvana on a 2012 MM, operating as my renderer with output direct to a DAC, and in that mode fully optimised it is excellent).


You can change that behaviour. It is a setting in the security and privacy preferences

I realized the larger keyboard has fingerprint recognition and and am swapping…

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Interesting I was actually in the Apple Store in Bath on Monday looking at to update my Imac 21.5 not sure whether to get a 24inch Mac or a Mac Mini with a monitor.

What model of Mac mini did you go for ? and any recommendations for a 27/28 inch 4K screen with speakers budget around £500?

I got the M1 and upped to the 16GB unified memory, 512G storage. I debated that…thought about 1 or 2 T but I have 512 on my iPhone and iPad both so I’m good for now. Now just using my old not even smart Sanyo as a monitor. Debating that move myself. The mini seems pretty smart to me. I’ve had a MacBook Pro and the keyboard was replaced, the logic board twice, the HD…so the Mini will eliminate some of those downtimes. I guess a big factor in choosing is number of connections you need.


Was going to mention fingerprint ID on the larger keyboard.

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Thanks, I would probably go for the 8GB with 512GB storage as you say when choosing a monitor you seem to have quite a lot of different connection options?

If they had a 16GB one in store I’d have bought one ages ago, but they only come build to order or refurbished.

Admittedly most reviews say the 8GB machine is fine, but I’m wary as my 2012 Mini has 16GB and is often low on memory though memory management has changed and swaps will be faster as it’s all integrated not separate RAM chips.

I got very confused at the Apple Store last week.

Went in fancying a new 14" or 16" MBP which are certainly impressive looking. No stock at the time, but I decided I’m not a great fan of using laptops with an integrated trackpad for ergonomic reasons. Maybe I prefer trackpads which are at an angle rather than flat - I use an old Bluetooth Apple trackpad on my 2012 Mini which is brilliant.

Apart from the silver/grey M1 iMac I really dislike the colours of the new range and also don’t quite like the new iMac look compared to the Intel ones. Hopefully Apple SIlicon (I still want to call it ARM) will reduce thermal issues with iMacs considerably compared to Intel chis.

What did surprise me was how iPads have changed functionally. I’ve had several over the years and my newest is the 1st gen iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil 1 and one of those expensive Apple magnetic cases with a keyboard (not great but ok).

The newish Magic Keyboard with a small integrated trackpad really impressed me - tiny trackpad but very smooth allowing control of onscreen ‘cursor’. For me personally I much prefer the small footprint of this trackpad to those of Macbooks/MBPs/Air.

yeah, usb-c for 6K (I believe) and HDMI for 4K, and two can be connected at once.

I have a 3rd gen iPad Pro. It is an amazing machine. The only reason I got the Mini is some things aren’t available using mobile. But the flexibility…it’s like audio separates. Seems a natural for us here.

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I’ve almost ‘discovered’ my iPad Pro for the first time - I’m useless organising things with computer documents or notes.

Had been meaning to get GoodNotes 4 or 5 for ages and finally stumped up the £6.99 - it’s brilliant with Apple Pencil and allows me to scribble notes or lists in a far nicer manner than ‘tidy’ computer text.

I’ve also seen some reviews saying the iPad Pro 4, while great, is not much of an improvement on the iPad Pro 3.