macOS Big Sur (11.0.1)

I know that, it is all about the silly Spotlight indexing. :slight_smile:My comment is about after leaving it running overnight.

Updated yesterday. No problem at all.

I was wary updating my 2015 MacBook. Did it yesterday and only problem was my chequebook app didn’t work properly. There was an update for that and now works just fine, as does everything else I use on it.

It may need longer and may also be backing up. I find everything slightly snappier on the MacBook and MacBook Pro

I reverted back to Mojave after reading things like this: Your Computer Isn’t Yours

Having been an OS X user since the iBook G3 days (Snow not Clamshell, give me some credit!) I’m going to take this one slow. Maybe a Christmas project if things stabilise well, but not before.



Snap (on photo editing on iMac). But I always wait a while before upgrading OS as I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and something usually gets broken with a new OS. Doesn’t usually take long to sort out but I make it my practice to wait a bit. This time around it seems the issues are mainly with the few devices sporting the brand new M1 chip and the fix from Adobe is not due until next year. The workaround apparently also has issues. It seems a tad ironic.


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Is this the problem of ones BT account emails not appearing in the mac mail inbox?

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I’m referring to Bluetooth. I have a BT Apple mouse and the tracking gets very flakey now and then. I have to power off the mouse and power on again to correct. Rinse and repeat.

What’s a BT account?

Using BT for internet service provider & email.

For past couple of years i’ve had to log-in to BT Web Mail via Safari to view my main default BT account emails. They don’t appear in the mac Mail inbox.

My alter BT email addresses appear in the mac Mail inbox okay.

iirc it was the Mojave upgrade that reconfigured it, and i’ve been unable to de-puzzle it ever since…


This! :face_vomiting:

Screen print 2020-11-16 kl. 08.32.29

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@Debs Here is the Apple support page for Mac email issues, which you may find helpful.

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No issues with Big Sur here. 17 years was a long run for OSX. I started with OS 6x! Nick


That is a rather scary position

That’s strange Debs. The only problem I get is once in a while I am asked for the password for the Mac mail inbox and it won’t accept it so I have to delete the Account and start again.

The only other issue I have had is trying to use Yahoo as the Account, it doesn’t like that but if it is opened as a Mail Account on the second page of the settings (click add the account) then email address and password it has always worked for me.

You might also want to check the FAQ if you’re considering reverting.

Q: When did this start?
A: This has been happening since at least macOS Catalina (10.15.x, released 7 October 2019). This did not just start with yesterday’s release of Big Sur, it has been happening silently for at least a year. According to Jeff Johnson of Lap Cat Software, this started with macOS Mojave, which was released on 24 September 2018.

I get this issue from time to time. Now I never enter a password and instead just cancel. It often works again in an hour or two. I don’t believe computers can just forget a password so what I suspect is happening is that your isp mail server has an issue and rejects the connection request, and you Mac incorrectly assumes it’s password was incorrect


If the above doesn’t work, then again dont enter the password when ask, but instead go into Mail Preferences Accounts, and overwrite the password there. I’ve never had to reset my Mail using these methods in 11 years on two Macs

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Apple’s macOS Big Sur may be bricking older MacBook Pro models, some users have reported it.