Magico M2 with 500 series

Hi all, i have read some articles here in the forum about hearing statement with magico M2.

I have 552/500dr/nDAC/555psdr feed w core.

Is the 552/500dr able to drive the M2 at ease?

A home demo at my region is impossible. Closest i had was an audition today of the M2 at someone home w non-Naim system.

Anyone own or heard Magico M2 with naim system (not statement)?

The Magico M2 are brilliant speakers. I spent quite some time audionning them, and really enjoyed them.

Unfortunately they have a bumpy impedance curve, meaning they need a capable amp.

I’m considering those speakers myself. But I’ll probably wait the the MkII version.

I actually own a pair of Magico S3 MkII and they are quite easy to drive. The first version of the S3 was a lot more demanding.

If funds allow, I’d go for a pair of Magico M3, which are easier to drive.

A good start would be to email Magico. They are quite swifty replying.


Hi Thomas,

Thx for ur reply. I really wonder if my 500dr can handle the M2.

My only fear is Magico would just reply me that my naim 500dr is a good match, just to do business.

Another speaker i m considering is Scala Evo.

I recommend you the Stella Utopia Statement thread. Should interests you.

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Hi @cavemanz,

You could put it differently, and ask them about both M2 and M3 driven by a 500DR while mentioning the M2’s impedance curve (implying you’re hesitating between the M2 and M3)

I also did consider the Focal Scala. Nice speakers that blend pretty well with Naim amps, especially the NAP500DR. I was this close to buy them.

I then auditioned the Magico S3 MkII… amazing speakers!

The Magico are bit more expensive (~40K with SPODS).

I enjoyed both speakers.

The Magico are faster and their tweeter is really good, I’d say better then the Facal’s (for me).

The M series is simply astonishing, but rather expensive.

Another thing to consider is size : the Focals are bulkier.

For complex music like symphonies, or well recorded rock, the Magico were simply better. For piano, the Magicos also did slightly better. For voices both are excellent.

I very much prefer Magicos. But that’s just me.

I trust you won’t go wrong with Magico, especially with Naim

But you need to listen to both. Speakers is a matter of taste.


I know Focal often don’t attract much praise on the forum but I don’t think they’ve been (almost) mis-spelt as Faecals before :joy::joy::joy::joy:


You might want to look at the Martin Colloms review of the M2 in HiFi Critic. As I recall, he ended up with excellent results using his 500DR, but did comment that in a large room the amp might struggle a bit.

The best I’ve heard Magico’s sound was in an all D’agostino system. I’ve also heard them in an all Boulder system, not quite as good.

Is the bass of the M2 really bad as some had mentioned? Meaning lack punch?

Would M2 low impedance cause 500dr to run hot?

Price is definitely one consideration.

Trust me if the bass was bad no one would bye those speakers.

The bass is simply brilliant! Extremely fast and precise. Really outstanding. And therefore probably… unusual.

The thing is that people are so used to speakers that lack precision in the low end (big mash like bass) that the M2 could sound “lean”.

Double bass lines, organ pieces and furious symphonic movements sounded incredibly good through those speakers, when I auditioned them.

I wouldn’t listen too much to those comments.

Of course, if what you enjoy is heavy bass and like crank up the volume and if you’re ok trading some precision to more visceral music reproduction than maybe Magico isn’t for you.

ProAc speakers might be an interesting alternative, and they are a lot cheaper.

As for budget, if you’re planning to spend less than 50K than Magico S series could be an option. The S3 MkII or S5 MkII are two nice options ton consider, along with Focals.

Thx Thomas. U really give a very good details on Magico. Its now probably down to $, if i can get the improvement ratio vs $ spent correct. :sweat_smile:

I told my dealer its a leap of faith coz with such huge outlay w/o home demo is really a big leap. :grimacing:

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I’ve been there and believe I understand your concern.

I bought my Magico S3 MkII without home demo, as I did for all my gear.

Not all dealers offer home demos, even for expensive gear (or because of it).

But I knew exactly what I was looking for.

For instance, ProAc speakers were not an option.

In terms of music reproduction/presentation I was more on the Focal side.

Magico nailed it.

I got exactly what I was looking for : extreme precision and great musicality. It’s like having electrostats with the low end extension and the dynamic range of piston based speakers.

If you want more bass than the M2 without the expense of the M3, don’t discount the S5…

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