Mains Blocks and Mains extensions

Hi Folks,

Merry Xmas and a happy new year to all! I just require some quick knowledge from the group!

I ave a Nap 250 Dr on the way to go with my Supernait 2, Hicasp DR, ND5XS2, Chord Qutest and MCRU power supply. Unfortunately I’ve ran out of wall sockets.

What is a good, cost effective mains block / main extension that I can use to increase my power sockets.

I have been looking at something like this, olsondirect 6-way-13a-unswitched-socket-neon-13a-plug-pdu


markgrantcables mains-distribution-blocks/6-way-single-sockets-metal-mains-block

But is there a better option, or a more cost effective option.

Thanks in advance

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I’ve removed the links here. Please don’t post unauthorised commercial links in the Hifi Corner. Thanks, and a happy New Year.

Hi, you’ll see that there are several threads on this already if you use the search function. One of the most cost effective and possibly best solutions would be to make your own. Have a look at what @Skeptikal has done here:


My apologies Richard.

Thanks Clive !

Both look acceptable as neither have any power conditioning elements. They can be wall mounted as well, which could help to keep the wiring tidy.

The Mark Grant version looks to be made with better components: plug, individual sockets, 4mm2 internal wiring.

I have used Mark Grant cables before and they are good quality.

If it was me and I could afford it, I’d get the Mark Grant one,

Happy New Year.


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Have a look at the thread entitled ‘Mains Power Cords’, which is currently live. This discusses, among other things, a Grahams Hydra, which is also a great solution. I used one of these many years ago.


I use a Grahams Hydra… :astonished:

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Look good, but sadly all out of stock.

Give them a ring in the New Year.

Nice chap to speak with


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All the posts (so far) have suggested good quality sensible extension block/strip ideas, but also mentioned a DIY solution, that can be interesting & rewarding, if you have the tools & skill available.

I made my own, primarily sized to fit inside the bottom section of my equipment rack
(also DIY), this enabled it to be made compact/bespoked form, the same can be applied to any/all individual setups if you take the DIY route.

Starting from the wall plug …
… Furutech FI-1363 13A plug
… H07RN-F 4mm/2
… power board with 3x MK Unswitched Double Sockets
(plus 1x switched double for other purposes)
Internally wired in radial (star)
Power Socket Assy 2


Before I had a dedicated mains installed, I made my own extension block similar to @Skeptikal

It was wired into trunking on the wall, just to keep it tidy.

All the electrician did was install the new CU, run the cables and re-wired the sockets.



Superb mate.
I don’t have that many boxes. :scream: :rofl:

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I took your tip and mounted my doubles on a plinth like you.
I don’t have so many boxes. :thinking: :+1:t2:


One of the benefits of having just a Nova.


Neither do I, I have two unused outlets.
SN & NAT go into separate unswitched doubles and the unmentionable PSU’s share the third.
The switched double (originaly used to power a Rega & its Phono stage) now has an Isotek Evo3 (noise & surge supressor)


I would avoid anything with a neon or led light on it. Either that or remove the light and any associated circuitry from it. I’ve found that these can generate electrical noise which creates an audible hum through my speakers in the past.


This is it now since I got the Linn Selekt DSM and a dedicated mains.

Just three Hi-Fi sockets and one domestic socket.