Mains distribution blocks etc

I should have an Atom HE and a pair of active speakers in the next week or so but I’ve only got one double wall socket and having another fitted is not feasible. Obviously, I need three sockets and I’m wondering what a suitable solution might be (other than a cheap bog standard extension lead).

I’m thinking about the Chord PowerHaus P6 and a Chord power cable as a possible solution.

Any thoughts on that or alternatives? I’ll consider anything up to say the AudioQuest Niagara 1200 which I know is somewhat of a different beast.

I’d be really happy if I didn’t have to spend so much but if needs be…

I really know nothing at all about the pros and cons of these things so any help would be appreciated.

Cheers Paul

The simplest solution I can think of would be to wire the two speaker leads into the same plug and continue to use your double socket.

There are plenty of other solutions that would be a lot cheaper than a Chord Powerhouse, but that would be my choice.


Historically Naim recommended the Wiremold L10320. Not sure if they would still recommend it, but it’s inexpensive and did the trick for me. Wiremold was purchased by Legrand some time ago but the design and model number was the same when I purchased mine about 3 years ago. It’s super simple: no switch, no light, no circuit-breaker, no metal-oxide varistor, no fuse…nothing other than a box, power mains and 9 outlets.

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I think for that level of gear a good quality but standard block without an LED or surge protector is fine. But if you want something more “hifi” but at a reasonable cost respective to the gear, a Furutech e-TP66 is good value. Especially second hand.

I’d probably go with a standard block though.

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I’d get a standard block. £20!

You probably already have something in your property. Preferably, unswitched.

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Thanks for your comments.

It would appear that, initially at least, a standard block will suffice.

@feeling_zen I’m in the UK and after a quick look it seems the furutech is not available in a Uk 3 pin version

I think the Wiremold mentioned is also just for North American plugs and voltage. A lot of folk here use the the Wireworld matrix block as I do. Cost is around £150.

Whether the Chord P6 is worth the uplift I can’t say as I’ve not tried it.

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I for one think you would benefit from a good power cable and a good power block but first start with standard cables. I’d get a Puritan block. They are good and then you can experiment with the power cord later on.

Nice power cables from block to speakers is probably also a good uplift but they might become expensive because of length?

I found that block not to my liking compared to Musicline netzlieste but it doesn’t come with UK outlets unfortunately
But I also found the Musicline better than Furutech Tp60e so it’s of course system dependent. Puritan is a lot more expensive so not really fair to compare.

Yes of course. There is no requirement to buy an expensive mains block.

My own personal experience with several more expensive mains blocks is that they can make a very significamt improvement, but not always. It depends on the specific block. More expensive doesn’t necessarily equal better.

I use Chord Powerhouse S6 and M6 blocks. They are the best I’ve tried and make a really significant and fundamental musical improvement. If at all possibel I would go for the M6. It’s extremely costly at £2K but it is so much better than the cheaper Chord blocks.

My advice would be to make your own block from MK or Crabtree sockets and some good thick cable (nothing fancy) and an MK plug and stick with that until you can afford something really worthwhile.

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Good suggestion to make your own.

@Skeptikal made his own which looks good

I made my own and used wall mounted trunking with MK unswitched sockets, 6mm2 cable and MK plug.

I did have a lot of components then, but it is a fancy extension block



A good quality inexpensive simple x4 powerbar from Russ Andrews.

Would be a solution.


I’d do what @ChrisSU suggested above; just wire both speakers into the same mains plug. Totally safe, no cost, nice and neat.


Yes indeed make your own - providing you are competent with knowledge, skills & tools.
Nice job DiggyGun

I made mine to fit hiden inside the lower shelf of my rack.
Its evolved over a few years … as you can with DIY
Furutech FI-1363 13A
H07RN-F 4mm/2
3x MK Unswitched Double Sockets + x1 Switched
Wired internally in radial config with 2.5mm/2

Power Socket Assy 2
Power Socket My MK Connections


These are a good alternative


From the comments I think I’ve learnt that an expensive ‘HiFi’ block is not necessary for my equipment although one could be beneficial.

A home made one would be a good solution but, simple as it may be to make one, I have zero knowledge regarding electrical wiring and don’t feel confident about making my own or wiring both speakers to one plug.

I think the purchase of a relatively inexpensive block will be my best option for now. I could always upgrade it in the future if I feel it necessary.

Thank you all for your input.

Cheers Paul


I make my own it’s just like plugging into the wall no gubbins just regulation plugs and sockets. :+1:t2:


You can also have a look at Isotek, very fine products…

My own experience is that home-made was quite noticeably better. Possibly due to the steel (ferrous) chassis?

The one suggested by @TOBYJUG would be an excellent choice. 20% off at the moment - £108. PS. Just get the basic option. DON’T go for the Superclamp ‘upgrade’.

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