Making way for 500DR

Hi everyone,

I have a three stack Fraim Naim Linn based system. I have a 500DR arriving later this week.

So I am going to have to reconfigure the Fraim stacks which currently look like this:

I am thinking:

Stack 1 left
Phono Stage
Lingo 1

Stack 2 middle
500DR head unit

Stack 3
Supercap 2
Zoneripper NAS

Let me know your thoughts. I had alot of help and input last time and the system works really well. But now it’s time for a change.

The CDS2 and XPS2 I had before will be sold to fund the 500DR. And of course the 135s will have to go as well. Out with the old and in with the new to me 500DR.


The burndies on the 500 are heavy, and mustn’t touch the floor (or the bass goes awry). I think you’ll need the head unit higher to achieve this – perhaps only one level.


Bless….wonderful news. Hope you have some heavy lifters to help. Perhaps as suggested a reconfigure into a 2 fraim stack.
But, enjoy the journey……I have made a few silly mistakes all by my self😂


The 3 stack system gets a bit tricky now. Where to.position 500 head unit so that cables are in reach of Supercap 2. And then NDS position in relation to 555PS and ND5XS2. I am sure I will work it all out. Think once set up will work really well. I am trying to keep Brain and Brawn and stack to left mainly Brain.

Noone suggested 2 stacks although I have been considering it. Would be a little high for my liking. Would be better to reduce box count before doing this. This could be done in longer term by reducing NDS and ND5XS2 to ND555 and getting Urika with the planned Radikal and then getting rid of phono stage. And moving Zoneripper NAS off the racks.


You could also evaluate swapping ND5XS2 for a smaller streamer only (bridge). Both me and @Lucifer have had great result using the tiny Lindemann Bridge hooked to NDS which can be hidden behind your stack.

After all you just use this tiny part of your ND5XS2 :slight_smile: And you also have another transformer that potentially can create noise onto your streaming board and also to other components around it. Looks like you have the NDS on top of ND5XS2. I’m pretty sure there are benefits keeping NDS far away from any transformer looking at how it was developed :slight_smile:


Wow - this is a big one.
Love to hear your thoughts on 135 to 500… this is a bit my 2024 horizon :smiling_face:

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Since I got the ND5XS2 my streaming platform has worked perfectly. Before I was having nightmares. So I will keep set up as is. If I change it will be for an ND555 which are now available for around £8.5k.

I noticed the ND5XS2 transformer was interfering with the phonostage. So I moved it up a level on Fraim stack. The Tom Evans phonostage is highly sensitive and likes to me as isolated as possible.

I don’t have the time, tech savy or inclination to change out the ND5XS2 at the moment.

So you can play Qobuz on the bridge set up? Does it work well for you?

Works without issues using Lindemanns own free app. It’s like Naims app but much better UI/UX (IMO). I only use Naims app for volume control today which is no hassle. I’ve had zero issues since I bought it 2 months ago. I also use Roon with it. Lindemann bridge II use Streaming Unlimited 810 board whereas Naim use their 800 board.

NDS is a great source and even more so with a good streamer so if choosing between ND555 and 552 I would chose 552 first but there are many opinions on what to do as you know :smile:

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Yes. The 500Has been on the cards for many years and was a funds permitting one. Prices have fallen so hard on the 500 power amp that I bid on one and got it for a steal.

Possibly not the right order to do it. The 552DR can be had for around £8.5k which was a little out of reach at the moment. And of course an ND555 is also on my list.

And a Radikal.

But I may not be able to do any of these upgrades. Who knows?

Perhaps the system will stay as is.


Here in Germany the 500 is still rare and expensive… you will love it. I am so convinced. 52 / 500 is very fine. You must keep a bit olive spirit

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That’s a really good deal on your 500DR there. I don’t think this sets the current market price really. I’ve seen many going for much more lately. I think you just won the bay Naim lottery this time :slight_smile:


The 52 is still new to me. And so is ND5XS2 with NDS. I think I will see how I get on with 500DR.

The Radikal will probably be next.

And then the 552.

Streaming wise I am sorted. The solution I came up with works for me.


I was thinking of going upto £7500. When I got it for £6050 I was laughing out loud. It means if I sell my 135s, CDS2 and XPS2 for £3500 which is probably about right after ebay fees the upgrade won’t cost much. And it is DR unit!

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I hope it sounds good. I have heard the 500DR many times at the dealers. But that’s with ATC 40s. My speakers and set up is very different so I don’t know how it will sound.

Very excited in some ways, a bit apprehensive in others.

I do feel my 135s lack power and need more oomph. Hopefully the 500DR will fill the gap.

I unboxed my 500 21st of February last year. I miss the feeling. It was very special :slight_smile: It takes long time to balance out from cold. Mine was made year 2000 and I believe yours was too (although DRd later).


I am planning on reinforcing my subfloor on saturday. So will be dismantling system entirely. I will set up 500 as soon as it arrives. Then dismantle at weekend. And hopefully be able to set up after floor is reinforced. I don’t know how subfloor is built. Could be floating chipboard on insulation boards. See what happens.

But once set up properly my LP12 will stop jumping when my sons go close to it.

The system should be epic with all the changes. And I think the 52 should sound good with the 500DR.

Yes a 552DR will be better still. But I am not there yet.


You are amazing Dan……sub floor is a big deal upgrade, and change that most of us ……just duck and live with the compromises, and other very expensive mistakes❤️

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Hi Gazza, thanks. I appreciate it.

Should be straight forward. Cut a section of chipboard out with circular saw where middle stack is. If it’s insulated and floating floor I may put thinner insulation board in place and concrete over the top 100mm. Or if it’s suspended timber floor will use legs and combination of blocks underneath joists. Just needs stiffening up in that area. I’m not doing whole floor, just that section. Other option is to isolate that area of floor, making it an island floor.

Until I open up its unknown. I don’t want LP12 on wall shelf tbh. Like it on the Fraim.


Well you are out of my league on all counts……keep us posted. Playing some Buddy Guy at the mo….keep strong❤️

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