Making way for 500DR

I don’t know about that Gazza. It looks like you have done very well for yourself. I am sure you have many talents.

You will be amazed over how the Nap 500 grip the speakers ! :+1:

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I am so pleased to hear that you were the successful bidder on that 500DR Dan! I bid myself, missed out but that’s just brilliant you got it. Enjoy!


I seem to recall that Simon (@QuickSticks) did something quite clever to isolate the floor under his system in his Kabin. Although I know you’re a builder and will have plenty of ideas, it might be useful to search for that, just to gain some other ideas.


Excellent Dan looks like a busy weekend ahead with the floor, Fraim rearrangement and no doubt with the 500 under one arm whilst your doing this :grinning:


Hi Dan congrats on your latest purchase, by all accounts you will enjoy.

I’m active with 300s. That involves four stacks of Fraim, which when I added the final stack, threw up cable length.
I have very rarely seen it mentioned on the forum, but Naim will, via a dealer and on request, supply a longer length of i/c. Extra expense given that you hopefully receive the standard i/cs in the box.
Similarly a slightly longer length from the likes of Chord or pre-owned.
Worth considering if you are caught by length restriction.
If you are considering two stacks, to remain within the advisory six standard levels, you only have two more you could add, but you likely know that.

Good luck with the floor reinforcement - heavy things these 500s!

Dan, haven’t previously wished you all the best, but I remember you commented elsewhere, music was an inspiration - hope the new configuration helps!


i havnt read any of the responses on here yet mate but i would have the supercap bottom right then the 500ps top right. will keep the burndies right and when i tried it on my system my pre sounds best with supercap at the bottom

very exciting times

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Thanks Clive for the ‘Quite Clever’…:rofl:


Please post details of how you go about this Dan, it will be interesting for me as I need to do something myself later in the year, under my system and under my speakers.

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When I added the 500 in place of the 300 while essentially all aspects of SQ were improved, the quality of the bass was most impressive with the Sopras.
A lot more energy with the 500 so don’t be afraid to move the speakers around a little to find a possibly better “sweet spot”.
Congratulations @Dan_M !!!

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Thanks for all your responses. I am feeling so much positive vibes for the incoming 500DR. My system needs more grip for the speakers as @Igel pointed out. @Damien0 I have listened to your advice on burndy cables. I will see how long they are for 500 and work out best placement for right stack.

I would like to use the three stacks still, even though box reduction by 2 means setting it out over 2 stacks is easier initially to set up.

But once set up right 3 stacks will be easier to cable dress and make adjustments as necessary. At present 555PS is in middle stack under 52. I am looking at middle stack now being 52, NDS and 500 head unit. Then most of power supplies go on right stack. It would have been nice to have NDS on left stack but then would 555 PS work well under the 500 head unit?

There maybe some trial and error on racking layout. If anyone has any bright ideas as to my three stack layout would appreciate it.

It’s not simple to configure. If it’s carefully planned in advance it will make life easier.

Obviously working with cable lengths limits what you can do. So I will work within these parameters rather than getting specialist cables made up at vast cost no doubt!

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I think the Sopra 2s will benefit from a 500DR alot. The 135s seem slightly under powered.


i think this will be spot on mate

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This thread and the “How a 500 outshines a 552” thread are making me wonder whether I took the wrong fork in the road :grimacing:


You have a great system @Marq. What is your system missing?

The OC gear deals available is so good now. And the resale of NC gear is good so you can always change things out. Anything is possible.

I have always bought all my Naim stuff used as depreciation is great. Like buying a new car, you loose 20% or more as soon as it leaves the forecourt.

I have bought the best at lowest prices. So 82 and 250CB. Then 135CB. And more recently 52. I get the units serviced and get value for money. Then upgrade. Minimises costs if buying stuff new that doesn’t even sound as good.

That’s my way. And now getting a 500DR for £6100 including postage hopefully will work out for me as well. So far I have been lucky buying used. I haven’t had too many problems.

Servicing is the key I guess. What fork do you now want to take?


If it was me I would have gone 252 Supercap DR and NDX2 with 555PSDR with 300DR.


Now that you have it get 2 x 350s and look at 332 and 333. Go for full 300 system instead. Buy it all used gradually if you can. Will be awesome.

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for another day this @Dan_M

but have you thought about another 555 for your nds? even on my system the difference was massive

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I have thought about it. I guess my priorities are my amplification and LP12 at moment.

The NDS with ND5XS2 as transport and 555PS is excellent and not lacking anything for me.

The LP12 actually sounds better than NDS at moment as I have invested heavily in tonearm, cart and phonostage. I need to get Radikal 1 or 2 next.

And of course once 500DR is set up a 552DR will be on the cards.

Then mains block upgrade. Possibly Chord M6.

Then Keel upgrade on LP12.

And mayne a ND555 before 2nd power supply on streamer.

So that’s alot of upgrades potentially planned out.

With 2 main sources the costs escalate.

What are your future plans with your system? It looks perfectly balanced at moment. No need to change anything at all.

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you have loads to be getting on with there mate, sounds like a plan.

At the moment im just enjoying it, my last purchase was the second 555dr and im now in a position where my system has never been this good (i suppose thats why i mentioned it)

I do fancy a pair of Scala utopia but its a lot of dosh that and i will probs get a 552 or 500 first

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