Malcolm Steward R.I.P

Malcolm sadly left us today-I cannot say enough of how much of a friend he was to Naim and all at Naim. He and Philippa spent much time with us all especially Julian.
He loved his Music, his part in the industry and importantly for Naim he really got what we were trying to do.
A True Audio warrior and Journalist - Condolences to his friends and family.


Very sad news indeed.

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Very sad news, he was a great journalist i enjoyed his articles immensely

Thanks for posting this Paul. Very sad news indeed, and my deepest condolences to Philippa and family, and to all who had the pleasure to know Malcolm.


Very sad news indeed. I loved his uncompromising journalism and will be forever thankful that his editorial on SBLs led to a life long love affair with them. RIP Malcolm.

OMG, the very same?

NOT a political point BTW


So very very sad.

Malcolm was a tremendous journalist and a great chap. My deepest sympathies to Philippa and the boys.

Really sad to hear this news, he was often mentioned on my visits to the factory and I know how much he was respected and liked by the people there.

RIP Malcolm Steward.

How sad to read this.
I have also enjoyed and educated over the years, from his professional articles and without any interests.
Participates in his family’s grief and wishes they no longer knew grief.

That’s very sad news. I always enjoyed reading Malcolm’s reviews right back from The Flat Response days. He had a way of putting into words the sheer joy to be had from listening to recorded music on a good system. It was always a real pleasure to read his reviews and musings.

R.I.P Malcolm.


Very sad indeed. Loved reading his reviews in HFR.

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What sad news. A fine reviewer, who wrote with great love of music. RIP.

Very sad news.

I really enjoyed and looked forward to his articles.



Very sad news indeed. His article on the Guru QM10 is what first prodded me in their direction after failures with other standmounts.

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Sad news indeed - nice guy and great hifi journalist. I looked forward to his reviews in HiFi Review back in the day. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he also “moonlighted” at Sound Organisation in the late '80’s - he arrived with a colleague at my house to install my newly acquired Isobariks.


Yes, that was him. He had a terrible accident and was in a bad way for quite some time.

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That’s a sad story and end to a person’s life - RIP

Sad news, a name I’ll always link with hi-fi journals when I was ‘finding my way’ with hi-fi as a student in the 80’s.


Very sad news indeed. In addition to his hi-fi journalism, I will always be grateful for his record reviews, which introduced me to some of my favourite music, which I would otherwise never had heard.

Very sad news. I once met him at the Bristol Hifi show, I liked him a lot, he was a decent honest straight talker, taken too soon.