Maverick hifi show 2024

A very different hi-fi show, it’s not like anything else. You get a room and bring your own gear for like minded people to hopefully enjoy.
I have put my name down with my mate and it looks like we have a room.

Anyone else fancy doing it? Don’t be scared be brave. Lol
Cheers dunc

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Give us a clue….where and when.?

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27th October
Holiday Inn Barnsley

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Bit of a trek for me……buti am sure would be fun and possibly enlightening👍

Only if blind testing of network cables is permitted , veils may be lifted and night be compared with day.

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Went to the last one and it was fantastic, certainly better than the normal hi fi show.
The commitment from owners, the all round great sprint off it all is truly fantastic.
I don’t think you could fail to not enjoy it all.
Plus the different kit that’s on show being used is remarkable.

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New name for the Wam Show isn’t it? I heard the owners of the forum didn’t want to continue so have handed over to some of the volunteer organisers.

I exhibited at the Scalford venue twice - 2013 and 2016, iirc. Good fun meeting people you’ve known on the forums and a good opportunity to hear unusual or vintage kit, as well as lots of well-matched systems at all budgets.

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Correct but
Didn’t want to mention the obvious as i didn’t think you could on here.

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Ai first heard of this - as the WAM hifi show - just a couple of months ago, and thought it sounded fascinating. I’ve never been to a ‘normal’ hifi show, and nothing makes me want to, but could be tempted to go to this - or even to exhibit - if I lived within reasonable travelling and could be sure to be avaiable. It would be fascinating to meet others in similar circumstances with a chance to hear many, though how an exhibitor can do that while attending to their own I have no idea. Regardless, the reality with a journey involving several hours on a ferry each way, plus uncertainty as to whether I’ll be away on hol at that time suggests it unlikely that it will happen for me.

Would also need to be a simulated kitchen for wives to be in and hear the difference!


Neil I used to be an active member of said forum please don’t go there!

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Must admit, this is my favourite one to read.

Certainly be great to see guy’s from here at the show and maybe even have a room.
There was only myself and two others from here at the show last year and it would be nice to see more.
Putting name’s against forum name’s is always nice.
Cheers dunc

A great idea - like a model railway exhibition or classic car rally. Much better to talk to fellow amateur enthusiasts than people who (no matter how committed or enthusiastic) are there to sell stuff.

If there were one nearer me, I’d certainly be tempted to attend, maybe even to exhibit.



Anyone going to transport their Statement and huge Focals :question:

Some off the kit that gets used at these shows are extremely difficult to transport and i was absolutely gobsmacked by the experience off it all.
For me and my mate it’s going to be a good 2 hour journey each way, so not too bad. But i will be taking my 808’s, vivaldi kit, melco and sia030, and my mate will be bringing one off his lovely reel 2 reel’s. I might even bring my elcaset.
So not exactly easy but having visited the show for the first time this year, i feel that it’s worth doing and we both are looking forward to it all and just joining in, plus help the charity out, and hopefully people will enjoy the system we take up.

But it’s all for fun and if you are at a lose end on the sunday off the show, then why not make the journey and come and enjoy it all as i am 100% sure you will not find anything like it in the hifi world.

Cheers dunc

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That would be epic.

Plus remember you can share a room with a mate or even more, so you don’t have to do 8t all by yourself. Plus everyone is friendly and willing to help.

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