Maybe I’m an alien... but

Ive just pulled my 300 DR out of my rig… replacing it with my 250-2 (because I’m a tinkerer and it’s fun to play)… and I really think I do prefer the presentation of the music with this combo more.

In the process I also put my Supercap back into play (powering a Superline that was previously powered by my 552)… this Also brings my hiline back into play… and I did some creative cable dressing in my tight rack space.

Prior to putting the 300 back into the stack, I’d been running the 250 for about 5 months… and never really missed the 300… so I thought I’d put it back in to see if my opinion be different. I mean surely I should prefer the 300… it’s so much more amp. But… apparently not. I’m gonna trust my ears. That can be hard sometimes :slight_smile:


Interested in hearing what you prefer with the 250 against the 300 :blush:

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I agree with you, you are indeed an alien :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Zipperheadbanjo, your experience mirrors very strongly mine. I must be an alien too💩
One year ago I was running the 300 dr for maybe one year. I sold it because I needed some cash at that time and get a nap 250 dr.
To my surprise the 250 dr worked better with my room and speakers. The sound was more agile and fast, and without the overwhelming bass I had with the 300 dr.
My speakers are easy to drive ( 92 dB in 8 ohm) and my room average ( 18/ 19 m2).
With demanding speakers as Naim ( Sl2, Dbl…), Proac…the 300 dr is often better.
But not always. @timmo1341 had the same experience as us.
3 aliens in the forum.

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I’ve had a lot of kit back at the factory being DR’d and serviced before Christmas. As you know the equipment can be away for some weeks. During their absence I substituted with my 135’s, old Sony CD player, ndac and 72. Not necessarily all at the same time. Unfortunately, all I experienced was a collapse in image scale, timing and realism.

This must mean I’m a human?:alien::alien::alien:

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Similar experience with my 500 and old 250-2, the system lost a lot of life with the 500, until I moved the 552 higher than the neighbouring 500 ps, or any other large ps, even with a gap between my stacks wide enough to get a leg in. I’m still not sure if this was the actual cause as Burndys were moved in the process but the system with 500 started singing where it was a bit lacklustre before, even after DRing the 500 (which is why the 250 went back in).
(I’m not referring to Geko’s post above.)

People have posted here in the past that a 200 is better than a 250, a 300 is better than a 500, a 282 is better than a 252, and a Nait 2 is better than any of them. Put personal preference, system matching and room matching into the mix, and maybe it’s not that surprising.


I’m not thinking of slotting my original system back in place of my current one. Pretty sure that won’t dig out quite the same level of detail. Timing and soundstage might take a slight step back too.

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To repeat something from another thread: we all like different ‘sounds’ of music, some preferring the bass reduced, others the mid enhanced, others the treble brighter, some wanting “warmth” , some liking the sound quite coloured, and some liking it to be completely neutral and identical to the sound as captured in the finalised recording. Your ears tell you what you like!

But the more interesting question is, how did you originally go from 250 to 300 and decide it was right for you - or was it right then and your taste has changed?


I totally understand and will happily relieve any of you of the 300 that’s mildly disappointing you, thoughtfully leaving you to enjoy your 250-2 in complete happiness. Since we’re all friends here on the forum, I won’t even charge you for this service.

No need to thank me, just sit back and enjoy the music.



To address the questions… I picked up the 250-2 about 8 months ago… got a great deal on it… it was a dealer demo and one of the last pre DR production units… I was pondering downsizing / reducing box count.

I think I’ve finally resolved the question of whether or not I need the 300.

With respect to what I’m hearing that I like… I’m not great at describing how things sound… I just know it when I hear it. The 250 sounds a little more nimble… less overbearing, while not really giving anything up in terms of soundstage or separation of instruments. The detail and pace is there in abundance.


Like French Rooster… my speakers are an easy load (Sopra 2) so that likely has a lot to do with 250 performing so well. My digital source (NDX 2) sounds quite a bit more natural (less shouty) with the 250… analogue is improved also… but that is likely due to being able to get my Supercap back in the rack. Also helping is better separation of brain and brawn in my stack… I also swapped my power line from the amp and put it on the NDX instead… that may factor into the improvement on the digital side.

Bottom line… happy with the changes :blush:

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I’m not going to have this problem because I just sold and shipped my 282 and 250DR. I remain human as ever.

I love my 250(DR) too, and it just loves the signal it receives from my ND555/552. Us aliens must get together sometime and compare notes.

One question. Now you have treated your 250-2 to a SuperCap’d Superline, addition of a HiLine and some creative cable dressing, have you bothered to re-insert your 300DR to check if it too likes these changes.

Gotta give the earthlings a fair crack of the whip.


I had one of those :slight_smile:

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I’ve always found the 250-2 to be a slow lardy old thing. The 250DR is so much better and the 300DR is a thing of wonder. Perhaps the combination of the rather bright Sopra 2 and the slow and lardy 250-2 simply works better. What is in theory better isn’t always necessarily so. So long as it works is all that matters.

It would appear, HH, that I’ve figured out a way to successfully integrate 2 of your least favourite Naim products :slight_smile:

I have not re-inserted the 300… but your point is well taken. Alas though… it’s not all that simple. Putting the 300 back in would require an additional level of rack. I do have additional levels… but then my stack would be 8 shelves… and 4 burndies… complicating cable dressing… etc. etc.

I’m sure at some point down the road, if I keep the 300… I’ll put it back in and perhaps I’ll see the err of my ways :slight_smile:

Perhaps your preference of the ‘smaller’ amp is due to better sonic compatibility between the amp - the speakers - and the acoustic dynamics of the room.

A typical characteristic of a bigger amp is more bass, which in turn may demand more controlling than is possible in a room’s acoustic capabilities.


Many years back I auditioned Olive 250 v then newish 300 (non DR) and the presentation of the former (with Dynaudios) was more enjoyable. The 300, whilst conveying more detail, seemed a tad too relaxed to my ears - perhaps lacking the mid-range emphasis of the 250. One issue (as it turns out) could have been that the 300’s burndies were sagging on to the floor, which is a big no no.