Media server for Synology NAS

All, many thanks for replies, very helpful. As a first step to getting acquainted with NAS music, I think I will try to get the Synology’s own Media Server up and running, using the U.S. backup on the Synology as the music source. Presumably this is possible ?

The longer term goal will be then replace Mediaserver with Asset.

With the U.S. working perfectly at present I will then be able to play around with set up of the NAS at leisure. Until the trusty U.S. fails of course :slightly_smiling_face:.

Mike-B would very much appreciate the opportunity to exchange ideas if the need arises, thanks for your kind offer.

Cheers, Paul

A sensible plan to go with Media Server UPnP while you get used to the new set up, I would aim in your own time to remove the US from the set up completely as it a complication you a don’t need.

Remember that you need to convert the Unitiserve library to FLAC regardless of whether or not you continue using it, as the backup will then reflect this.

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If all of your files are in WAV you could also batch convert to AIFF , AIFF is Apple’s version of Uncompressed Lossless. I’ve read somewhere that Transcoding to a compressed Lossless file may slightly negatively alter the sound. AIFF supports all the metadata and artwork…

You can’t do that on a Unitiserve. By all means do it later if that’s your preferred format, but converting WAV to FLAC on the US is the way to make the metadata accessible to non-Naim servers as the OP intends.

+1 for Synology running Asset or Minim Server.
I ran Minim server for several years and now run Asset as I prefer the interface.
Converting from WAV to FLAC on the Unitiserve is a must but, also, when configuring Asset or Minim server, there’s a setting to transcode the FLAC files to WAV on playback. Many people (including me) prefer the sound of the WAV files, so in essence, the player will be receiving WAV files but with intact Meta Data. The transcoding on the Uniti will take quite a while so allow it to run at least overnight once you’ve set the unit to FLAC.
I still use my HDX for ripping and automatic backing up and doing a back-to-back comparison, I cannot hear any difference between the HDX serving files and the Synology NAS running Asset.

Blythe, I have an HDX (currently in for repair). Eventually I would like to do the FLAC conversion of the rips, to use on an NAS in another setup. But what happens to the original WAV rips on the HDX? Are they permanently changed to FLAC, or can you just have the HDX make FLAC copies in another location?

I do believe that it removes the wav rips, leaving the flac behind on the hard drive.

The files are permanently changed to FLAC, but once the FLAC files are transferred to the NAS they can be converted back to conventional WAV (or any other format/codec) using something like dBpoweramp or similar in a PC/Mac & can then be sent back to HDX & played.

As others have said, the WAV files are converted to FLAC and the WAV files are no longer on the HDX.
Setting the HDX back to rip in WAV will re-convert the FLAC files back to WAV.
As they are both lossless formats, nothing is lost in the conversion process.

Okay, thanks, that sounds reassuring. I do want to continue using the HDX in the conventional manner, serving WAV files from the CD Collection store.

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if you prefer to feed your streamer with WAVs, don’t let this put you off converting to FLAC. You can then set the HDX to transcode ‘on the fly’ from FLAC to WAV. So you can have your cake and eat it - store FLACs for reduced file size and greater metadata versatility, but your streamer will receive then as WAVs for subjectively better sond quality.

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Okay, that sounds good. When my HDX comes back from servicing I’ll explore these options–haven’t paid any attention to transcoding (or streaming) before, just used the BNC output to an external DAC.

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure whether or not the transcoding on the fly thing works with the SPDIF output, as it does over UPnP. You can always convert a single album just to check it works OK for you. If it’s a problem, then just convert back to WAV if you prefer it.

I have both Minimserver and Asset on my QNAP and use both. If I had to choose just one, it would be Minim, but that may be because I have a high proportion of classical in my library. Also, I started with Minim and my collection is tagged with Minim in mind. If your collection is mostly classical I would suggest going for Minim, if not, Asset definitely has a shallower learning curve. Or … after you’ve uploaded a few albums, you could try putting both on your NAS (the cost is trivial in the context of your high end system) and do a comparison yourself.


Is there a way for me to message you directly ?

I have dipped my toes in the NAS water but am having a few issues. My NAS is an old Synology DS411 ( about 9 years old, hasn’t been used much except for storage), on which I have set up Mediaserver.

The NDX2 sees the server, and can play all the files in the NAIM backup folder (back of Unitiserve), but can only play MP3 versions. This applies to CDs ripped to WAV as well as high res files stored in another back up folder on the NAS.

Can’t find any setting to remedy this, and am unsure whether it might even be due to limitations of the software/ hardware of my trusty old NAS.

Any help much appreciated, but absolutely no urgency because my Unitiserve is currently working fine - I’m just trying to position myself for a seamless transition to NAS in case the Unitiserve fails.


Do you have the ‘parallel library’ of MP3 copies on your Unitiserve? If you have this, and it’s been backed up to the NAS, perhaps you have pointed the server at it instead of the main lossless library.
Alternatively, you could have (perhaps inadvertently) set up the server to transcode to MP3 on playback?
As mentioned earlier, you need to convert your WAV CD rips to FLAC on the Unitiserve. Without this, anything you do to the backup copies on the NAS is a waste of time.

It will be better to stay on the forum, far more & better knowhows than just me & I know next to nothing about Unitiserve.

First a 411 model will have the old no longer used CPU, so it is limited & will not take Asset UPnP.
Follow the suggestions from ChrisSU as this is where I think your problem lies.
You must convert all your WAV files to FLAC on the US as the NAS will never be able play them, Naim’s US WAV format is very non-standard, so that must get done.
Look into the Synology Media Server & check to if you do have some transcode boxes checked, uncheck them if so.

This is essential, but just to be clear, the WAVs will still play, and should still be discoverable by non-Naim servers. It’s just that the metadata can’t be read, so you are limited to either folder view (which Minimserver can do) or a tag view which is just a long list.

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Mike-B, ChrisSU
Many thanks. I have a parallel MP3 library of CDs ripped on the US, but I don’t think this is the problem, because I also have WAV back ups of high res audio (manually backed up) residing on the NAS and these also only play as MP3.

Can’t see any option in Mediaserver to select MP3 or downsampling, perhaps it is a much older version of the software I am running.

Question - If I get a new NAS ( e.g Synology 218+) will that be able to play WAV ? The reason I ask is because I don’t really need lots of metadata options. Provided I can see Artist > Album > Track name, plus cover art, then I am happy. Perhaps “Genre” too, but that’s about it.