Melco N10

It is a week now since I swapped my Melco N1 for an N10. I am astonished by the improvement. I would suggest that it has doubled the difference between the ND555 and the NDS, which means that although expensive, it is, for me, value for money. It is giving me the impossible urge to listen to my entire collection all at once.

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How would you describe the improvement from the N1 to N10?

Less ‘noise’, more space, more detail, more realistic timbre of instruments - in short, better in every way.

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Waiting for one in black…told there are issues, but great feedback, thanks.

I wanted black too, but I’m happy now with the silver. They are very good looking!

N1 to N10 is twice the improvement of NDS to ND555. All I can say is, blimey!

And, twice blimey! :flushed:

How is the Melco plugged in? SPDIF to 555, or by ethernet cable (used as a NAS)?

Apologies, I did not mean to imply that the N10 was twice the difference between ND555 and NDS - rather that it made a similar degree of improvement, making the end result 2x, if you see what I mean.

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Ethernet connected directly between N10 and ND555.

Where does Roon fit in in this configuration?


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Roon Core is on a Qnap NAS, connected to a netgear switch. N10 has two Ethernet ports. One connected to the switch, and the other dedicated to the ND555. Subject to correction by those here who know better, I imagine that the Roon App on IPad tells the Core what I want to hear. Core communicates that via the switch to N10, which passes the data to the ND555.
I do not use any of the ‘sound altering’ features of Roon.

Your system sounded quite “mind altering” the last time I heard it with the ND555, never heard “8 miles high” sound quite so good. Looking forward to hearing the effect of the Melco N10.


The Byrds are 16 miles high now! When it has all stopped improving, we’ll have another evening to compare notes.

They are following the same concept as Naim within the multi box concept. I am not sure if I will switch though from my setup as this setup has multiple disadvantages…

  • the silver topic, it will not look nice on my rack…
  • I would need four boxes. I have right now a 6tb Melco with an additional 4TB USB HDD

If they come up with a similar concept with black, and more storage capacity I might re-consider.

Ah but the sound…

True but I need to hear it myself. I almost can’t belief it is so much better then my already great Melco…, but I am sure I will have a demo some time…

I was told there will be a black version , but just like Naim they have difficulty in getting the right finish…and Japan does not like the process environmentally. Well that’s what Melco told me…and I will wait.

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That’s a pretty accurate description of how it all works.

Im quite happy with Roon RAAT streaming over ethernet directly to my ND 555.

Which N1 do you have?
I will during this year replace my NDS with a ND555 and hopefully i do not need to replace my N1Z with the 6tb. Do not know how to convince my wife.