Metadata on DAC files

I have now ripped some of my purchased SACDs to dsf files but the Naim app does not display any artwork. Any ideas how to fix.
Sorry for this basic question but in the past I have only ripped my CDs to FLAC using dbpoweramp and all was OK.

The way I fix the same problem is to get the cover art from www & embed it into the metadata using Mp3Tag. I did exactly that just an hour ago.
While you’re at it with Mp3Tag you can easily check that the tags are all OK, I find Album Artist can go missing & track numbers are not correctly configured or missing - 1/10, 2/10 …10/10

You’ll need to add it yourself using some tagging application e.g Mp3Tag

Many thanks Mike-B, I am ripping a few discs now and will download mp3tag later on and give it a try.

Thanks Guinnless, I will try it later.

Great, its easy enough to figure out, basic sub-IT know-how is good enough. Post if/when you have questions ???

I have figured out the basics of mp3tag and have been able to adjust metadata and added cover art to each track. However, when I then copied the files to the HDD connected to the ND5 XS 2 they still did not show up. Any ideas?

Are you using the streamer in server mode? You generally get better metadata browsing with artwork visible if you do this rather than using the USB input.

Yes, the USB input shows folder icons but using the server input shows artworks for all music already on the drive except my SACD rips modified in mp3tag.

Are your SACD rips are to .dff or .dsf ?

Dsf. I read up first that dff is the Philips system that does not support metadata.

Assuming you have attached the cover art correctly, with DSD (.dsf) codec, it should be visible just as your ripped CD FLAC files.
Do you see the cover art in Mp3Tag (bottom left corner) when all the track lines are hi-lighted ?? If so I can’t understand why its not seen when playing
… so just a few things to check:
Is cover art .jpg, .pnd files don’t work with everything
Is the cover art .jpg file correctly named one or other of cover, Cover. folder, Folder
Have you re-indexed your server - what is it BTW & what UPnP software

Yes and then I randomly selected tracks and the cover art was there

Good question. I just found the artwork in Discorgs site, right clicked and then pasted within mp3tag

It is a UHD HDD plugged into the ND5. It did re-index because it took a while for all content to appear. I checked again today and the cover art is still missing

You need to bring the art file into your PC/Mac & re-config & re-name it as ‘cover’ in .jpg format. Then embed that into the album with Mp3tag.

OK, but I don’t understand the ins & out of that, I use only a NAS over ethernet & Asset UPnP. Rarely (very) a USB stick plugged in the front

The ND5 plays very well from the HDD, just plug in, select local and then artist, album or whatever. More stable than streaming and excellent SQ

I use Asset and have no issue with .dsf files metadata. When you select all the files on mp3tag the artwork should be visible. If not the the artwork hasn’t been added correctly.

Thank you, I will try that tomorrow when I get the laptop out.