Michael Fremer’s modest system

Enjoy this video on Michael Fremer humble system. On 4k please.


Love it. Shove it all on the floor and the speakers in the corner.

Money well spent.


“If you want something really badly and you’re getting on in years, just take the money out and enjoy yourself. Life’s to short”

Will obey.


Speaking for myself, I couldn’t sit in a room that messy, let alone listen to what I assume is an expensive stereo.

It looks a bit like pictures I’ve seen of Ken Kessler’s system and room.


A perfect example of why reviews should be taken with a fistful of NaCl.


Who is Michael Fremer and why should I care ?


He appears to be an opinionated, Qualified Journalist (and woe betide you if you don’t happen to have his qualifications), with a fair amount of disposable income to spend on very high end HiFi gear.

As I read and watch about his public personality, I’m not sure your life would be enriched by caring too much :wink:

For my sins I have watched a few YouTube videos of him. His visit to the factory making Hana cartridges was awful. I appreciate the link in the OP, but I won’t be adding to his viewing stats any more :wink:

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All the gear and no idea?


I’d not go that far. Just having a lighthearted jibe at the room. I’m honestly not in a position to pass any judgement at all.

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Ah, one of those .

His visit to the rega factory is well worth watching. This is part 1 of I think 4.


A little perspective: Michael Fremer is one of the preeminent hifi journalists in the States. He was and still is in the vanguard of those who successfully struggled to keep analogue alive when all seemed lost. He can certainly come across as arrogant, and is undoubtedly opinionated, but he’s one of the good guys (I’ve met him, and found him charming). He’s also very entertaining and on the side of the angels.

None of which means his word should be taken as gospel.


One thing that has always bothered me is the power that journalists seem to have, in partiicular how their opinion is considered, by some, to be the absolute truth. Back in the 1980s I was so brainwashed, but since then have thought that what they write is no more than opinion.

Hifi (or any other) journalists have no more power than readers are willing to cede them.


Those of us who have conducted 'speaker hunts over the years, know that review opinions are just that…and not to be taken as gospel.

The video wouldn’t load on our dreadfully slow broadband, so perhaps I’m spared this time.

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Speakers…probablt THE pinacle of subjective and context based decisions.

Of course, I completely agree. However what I like about his reviews is that he doesn’t push the products on the front, he doesn’t make advertising and write such very often comments we can find as “ this component is the best I have ever heard in my system “ , or “ it’s competitive with products costing several times more…”
He tries to be really honest and does each time a comparison with similar products from other brands.
No many reviewers do that today.


Agreed. Many of his postings are honest and informative.


Indeed. And he writes in an approachable, entertaining way. That’s not too surprising; he has also done standup comedy in NY, where audiences have zero patience for duds.