Milty Zerostat 3

I have recently purchased a Milty Zerostat 3 with the hope that it cuts down the amount of static on many of my lp’s. On the whole I am pretty disappointed with it. Has anyone else tried one?

Yupp, I love mine. Maybe you are doing it wrong?

I am following the instructions to the letter. even do both sides before playing an lp!

What are the symptoms of static you’re trying to combat? It’s worth remembering that if the conditions are “right” (e.g., dry air, synthetic floor coverings), you can get static again very quickly.

The usual - clicks and pops, and the lp always sticks to the mat!

What is the humidity in the room?

I do think the Zerostat does what it’s supposed to, but it’s only one tool in the toolbox, and less effective than cleaning records with an RCM, using anti-static sleeves, and ensuring the space isn’t too dry.

Humidity? Nothing unusual about the room. Well ventilated.

ok, will try that thanks. But not what the instructions say…

I must have bought 2 or 3 Discwasher Zerostats back in the day. I was never that convinced they worked particularly well. I’ve not bought another one since. Best way to get rid of static I find is to run an LP through the RCM.

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Regular concrete mixer.


It would certainly shift the static!


Maybe this is not a forum for hifi novices. Sad

RCM = Record Cleaning Machine.

It was just a bit of humour. As Richard has said an RCM removes static on new records. I had a Zerostat and found it to be as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Thanks Richard. I guess that is an expensive route though.

Comparatively yes (start about £350), but very worthwhile if you like vinyl.

10 quid (if not less) will get a hygrometer from the river.

Granted that is normally more of a problem during winter, but if you have A/C running it could also happen.

Got one. Not convinced that it does much. OTOH, it does no harm.