Mini Plug-In heaters that the electricity companies dont want you to know about

Rant Rant Rant!
I’m getting really fed up with these YouTube advert interruptions to tell me about this mini ceramic heater that these so called top engineers have been developing for years to cut heating Bills, and tell you that the electricity companies dont want you to know about, and they will save 100’s of pounds off your Bills

Rant Rant Rant!
How on earth can they tell such lies. Presumably adverts on YouTube dont get covered by any standards organisation.

Rant Rant Rant!

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Blame it on the post office.


Energy out has to be less than energy in, unless they’ve managed to squeeze a miniature fast breeder reactor into aforesaid heaters - not sure I’d want one of those in my house :joy::joy::joy:

Otherwise you’re quite correct, these ads are pure tosh, the lighted candles inside flower pots and empty tin cans doubly so.


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Exactly, this is resistive heat, which means you get 1KW of heat from 1KW of energy. Of course Heat Pumps do give out 2-4 times as much heat to what they use, but that isn’t what these are
Rant Rant Rant

I see Advertising Standards (ASA) & Which are on to them.
But ASA finding cases upheld or Which saying don’t touch them does not prevent them trading (unfortunatly)

And they don’t fit in a wall socket :joy::joy::joy::joy:


They seem to be Euro connections on the one I saw, but can you also imagine the danger of people plugging these into a socket behind a couch - or heaven forbid, into an spare dedicated mains HiFi outlet :open_mouth:

An interesting one I saw on TV was to put an electric driven fan conduit on top of rad’s, so as to blow heat in to the room – a steal at £50 or so, £70 for the larger version.

Fair play, it’s a worthy idea, but heat is heat when it comes to it, and many already have wall insulation/backing reflective panels, even shelves above rad’s. Unless, they’ve re-written the laws of physics, heat will always rise – and it’s just creating more draughts, expensively?

Radiant heat doesn’t.

I’ve just had a phone call from Shell Energy telling me to keep quiet!

Indeed, light doesn’t rise.

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That actually is a great invention. The point is that the boiler can operate on a lower temperature - which is more efficient - without reducing the capacity of the radiator.

Two different adverts with the same invention, but different looking appear to have been developed by engineers “William Harvey and Edward Gibson” And “Mike Sanders and Robert Jones”. Perhaps they should sue each other and give us all a break.

Oh, Octopus energy just called me and told me to keep quiet.

If we can capture the energy released during that fight, we may heat an entire city.

Ah yes, all that hot air :smile:

Having done a bit of searching when those ads first appeared in my feeds a few weeks ago, it seems there are quite a few pairs of genius engineers who have invented this. When I was looking it seemed that each country had a different pair of inventors sometimes with regionally appropriate names, looks like we now have more than one pair per country.

On a similar note my FB feed is full of ads for “good value” hearing aids which save money by removing unnecessary things like audiologists. As far as I can see they are all-frequency in ear amplifiers. One had a great comparison showing the PCB from inside a high end hearing aid and their PCB, and unsurprisingly there was no major difference visually.

I wonder if the engineers shown in the advert know they are being used - or perhaps they were just actors

Oh, EonNext just called me and asked me to keep quiet.

How does it reduce the boiler flow temperature?

All it will do is remove the heat from the radiator more quickly than normal convection. The slow-ish release of heat from radiators maintains the room temperature until the next ‘call for heat’ occurs.

I would imagine if you are using a fan to extract heat quicker from a radiator, then the water in that radiator will cool quicker, and as such the boiler will have to work harder to get up to temperature again

A fan would IMO serve to speed up the initial heating of the room, and so will appear warmer. I suspect there is also the opposite to wind chill factor, a bit like pointing a hair dryer at your body - instantly gives the effect of the room feeling warmer

Well pump more water around. That’s why modern systems have bigger pipes and lower temperatures versus smaller pipes on higher temperatures.