Missing Artists on Core

OK - So I realise that this sounds implausible and weird, BUT…

I noticed recently that I had no Dire Straits albums on my Core. Odd, I thought, but not to worry, I have the original CDs, I will rip them. I duly ripped 6 or 7 Dire Straits Albums, but when I went into the Naim App, they still weren’t there, either under artist or Newest CDs.

I logged into the Core using Finder on my Mac, and there was no folder for DIre Straits in the MQ Folder, but there was in the LQ folder! I have found artists that are present in the MQ and not in the LQ folders, but not the other way round!

There is nothing wrong with the CDs, I ripped them using dbPowerAmp and they worked fine with no errors.

I ran a search on individual songs, nothing comes up in teh MQ folder. Does Naim have an aversion to Dire Straits that I am not aware of? Help Please!

I have never heard before of the Core putting anything it ripped into LQ. The LQ folder is not used by the Core ever, so far as I know.

I suggest you do a power off restart of the Core and then try ripping one of them again.

I will watch this thread with interest!

Hi David - that’s interesting, I originally had a UnitiServe and my dealer copied everything over, so now you say that, I have checked and all LQ files are dated the same day from when I bought the Core and traded my US in.

However, that doesn’t explain the complete lack of any Dire Straits in the MQ folder or visible on my Naim app. I have tried ripping other CDs and they are ripping fine and show in the most recents folder!


It sounds like Money For Nothing!

I suspect that the transfer from the US might have upset the folder structure of your Core. The LQ folder was used on the US to optionally store an MP3 version of your library in addition to the main library. On the Core it’s just a vestigial feature ported from the US that shouldn’t ever be used.

My guess is that if you factory reset your Core and put your rips back on it from backup, normality would be restored.

As @davidhendon has not made the following comments I suspect that I am missing the point here but, regardless, here’s my comments:-

1 My Core is visible on my Windows 11 desktop machine with, as far as I can tell, the full folder structure available. I have no LQ folder & assume that this is because I never had an older server.

2 If you have a Core why are you using DB Poweramp to rip your CDs? The Core does this automatically & places the rips into the correct folders. I have most Dire Straits stuff & it all ripped normally with no issues.

3 If you rip on your computer with DB Poweramp, the resulting rips should be copied into the Core’s download folder where they should work, again with no issues. I understand that the LQ folder is for low quality MP3 files. If so, perhaps your, presumably, higher quality rips can’t be read from that folder?

If I were you, before going any further, I would rip the Dire Straits material using the Core’s ripping function & not your Mac & DB Poweramp. The resulting files will be automatically placed in the All Music folder & should work perfectly, with album covers & Artist/Track details shown correctly.

I think he just used dBPoweramp to check that they ripped ok. But the issue he is asking about is Core rips. At least that is how it reads to me.

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You could be right although I took the above quote at face value, that he ripped with DB Poweramp, & presumably copied them to the Core & they somehow found their way into his LQ folder.

Hopefully the OP will update us on how he has got on.

That is correct - I used DB Poweramp to rip to my NAS to ensure that the CDs were intact and undamaged

I have tried now tried a factory reset and then restored the collection from backup and the same issue exists. I think Dire Straits is the only artist that is missing and that I am having this issue with. I can’t even delete and start again as the core can’t see them.

I think I will try Naim Tech Support tomorrow

Apologies if my original post caused confusion. I am inserting CDs directly into the CORE and letting the CORE rip them. The use of DBPoweramp was just to check the CDs


I have found when ripping discs which the metadata providers are unable to identify that these end up as ‘unclassified’ or ‘unknown’ or something similar (can’t remember precisely). They cannot be found under the artist name until I have edited the metadata, I realise this is unlikely in the case of Dire Straits, but it might be what’s happening. Have a look for a folder under ‘unknown’ or similar.

Looking back at your posts, I am now unsure whether you ripped the problem CDs on your Unitiserve, your Core, or DBpoweramp. If it was on the Unitiserve, is it the original lossless rips you see, or is it the MP3 versions it can create from these which it puts into the LQ folder?
If they are Core rips I’m not sure how you managed to edit them with DBpoweramp, but if you did you may have broken the database as you should only use a Naim interface to edit Core or Unitiserve CD rips.
I think the best solution to try would be to delete the CDs and re-rip them on the Core.

It was ripped on his Core Chris!

He only subsequently used dbpoweramp on his PC to check the CDs that ripped weirdly on his Core.

He says he tried that and the Core still put them into LQ.

It’s not just that the artists aren’t, none of the albums, or indeed any of the tracks are there!

To try and clear up the confusion…

  1. I believe I ripped these originally on my Unitiserve. I then upgraded to a CORE and my dealer moved my library over for me.

  2. I noticed recently while looking for something to play that I had no Dire Straits albums on my Core. I just thought I hadn’t ripped so I put them all through the CORE and to all intents and purposes it seemed like it was ripping, even after ripping them on the CORE, they are not (Artist, ALbums or tracks) present on my Core

  3. I checked the CORE from my Mac and could see that there was a DIre Straits folder in LQ but not in MQ.

  4. I ripped them again on DBPoweramp to my NAS to check the integrity of the CDs and they all ripped fine, that is the only reason I mentioned DBPA, other than to check the integrity of the CDs, it has no bearing on this issue.

Hopefully that makes sense!


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Have you tried putting the DBpoweramp rips in the Core Downloads folder?

No - do I just copy them straight over? - Its still wrong through, this shouldn’t be happening…

Yes, there’s certainly something odd going on. My guess is that it’s something to do with the way your US files were transferred to the Core.
Transferring files to the Core is certainly possible and if you’re happy with the DBPA rips you should be able to use them. Either copy them to the Core Downloads folder, or make the folder you now keep them a Network Share.

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You have beaten me to this suggestion.

No it shouldn’t be but by copying the DB Poweramp rips into the downloads folder you should have fully functional Dire Straits albums. Make sure the rips are WAV or FLAC & not MP3.

If they don’t play properly & display album/artist/track details then there is obviously something seriously wrong somewhere.

If the DS albums are working then I suggest you sit back and think about the problem before doing anything further you may regret.

I have had to create my own downloads on the odd few occasions when my Core does not find metadata & they play fine, sounding indistinguishable from the Core rips. I am talking of 4 or 5 albums out of 600 or so.

If you can’t sort the issue yourself I suggest you write down exactly what you are experiencing (in detail) & then contact Naim support either by phone or email. Once contacted I have found them very helpful.

Please let us know how you get on.