Missing one of my fav radio stations: no audio

Hi to all,

i can not receive any audio from Progulus Metal Radio for a couple of days now.
However the naim app still shows the name and the cover.
I also tried to save a new search for PMR, but without success.
The naim app shows name, cover but there is no sound.
All other radio stations are working fine.

What to do?

In the PMR forum it was announced that there has been a change of the stream address.
How to update that?
The new direct stream link is

Any help will be appreciated.

Kind regards from Germany

You should be able to it via vtuner.

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Hi Robert,
thank you.
Tried this.
Same problem as with the naim app.
No audio, but listed.
How to change the streaming address?

Looks like you have a 1st gen streamer. Depending on the format of the new stream, it’s possible that old firmware would not support it, so check that your streamer is on version 4.8. If it still doesn’t work it may be incompatible. Perhaps @Stevesky can advise?
On Airplay compatible devices you could, for now, cast the stream from a phone, but that is no use to you with an NDX. Maybe try a USB connection if you have an iOS device.

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I have the same problem when I try to connect via vTuner via browser.
The Mu-So is on Firmware 2.0, my NDX has the latest updates.
The NDX was several times for service, but this is another issue.

Maybe following example helps:
Streaming from webside is working:

From vTuner not:

“Station is currently not available”

I have sent already a notice to vtuner about the new streaming address

Do not know what else to do

But the comment “Depending on the format of the new stream, it’s possible that old firmware would not support it,” makes me nervous. Are there any streams which are not avaible for 1st gen streamer from naim? Should not be there a new software for it?

I don’t think vTuner respond to individual support requests, but Steve, Naim’s software man, who I flagged earlier can contact them so he may well be able to resolve this.

If I play the stream on my iPhone I can cast it to my Naim streamers via AirPlay. This should work on your Muso?

When you log into vTuner what MAC address do you use? You need to create a separate login for each device using their individual MAC address, so make sure you are adding the station URL to the correct device.

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At vtuner there is a form to fill in for suggesting stations. I tried that. Lets see if they react.

Well PMR played fine now for months. But at Sep. 6th they changed the streaming address. I think this caused the error.

Sorry, i find other radio stations with the iphone music app and radio but not PMR.
Apple support pages are not very helpful.

It only works when i am using the URL in Safari. But this cannot be the solution. This is not satisfying. It will work for some days, but not longer. There is no info goiven about song and band.


Does the station play if you tap this button?

This works for me and I can then cast it to my Muso and see what is playing. Not the best solution, but at least it would give you something.
Hopefully Steve will pick up on this at some point - he can usually resolve these issues.

Dear Chris thank you very much for your support. Much appreciated.
It works in a browser, on my PC and also iphone.
It is a good workaround until it is fixed.

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Do you have a NAS on your network? I ran a legacy streamer for years and found streaming lossless radio stations via UPNP and a playlist to be easier and has better SQ. You need to run mimimserver and save a playlist file on your NAS though. Much easier to update than vtuner. I can walk you through the setup when I’m back at the house if you like. Will even share my playlist file to save you the work.

@Stevesky will help you

Until they update it add it as your oadded station. You wil need to login on https://naim.vtuner.com/ and use your device mac address. I am not sure email and passsword works.

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Dear Claus, thank you for your help. That works!

Jazz 24/7 (WGBH) (Boston, USA)
Updated URL
URL https://wgbh-live.streamguys1.com/Jazz24-7

Hi @Sjaunja

The metal station url is now fixed on vtuner.



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HI Steve,
thank you very much! Highly appreciated!

Best wishes

They do not - EVER.
Completely useless.
They do not respond or take action even when you provide the necessary info to sort the problem.

Issues best reported on this forum if you want them fixed.

Hello all and Steve. Could I ask your assistance in getting a station added to the vTuner directory? Or I should say “repaired” as the listing comes up but the streaming link seems to be defunct. I know it is active as I can add the URL manually and it plays fine. Like others, I have used the “suggest a station” link on VTuner’s site dozens of times with no response.

Per the station’s website, the streaming URL is ht tps://cast1.torontocast.com:2305/stream
Station name: American Roots
(apparently I can’t post links here, so please close up the space in the url)

Thanks so much.

Hi @Mike_C

Apologies - for some reason forum notification emails keep on going into the spam bucket, even though I have told it a trillion times it’s not spam.

Station - I reported it to VTuner yesterday. I’ll keep the thumb screws on them to fix the URL :slight_smile:

Best regards


@Stevesky No worries at all, sir. Appreciate all your efforts!