More money than sense? Not any more

The title is intended to defuse negative comments - I realise I am ridiculously privileged in being able to afford an S1 pre - ditto everything else that I own, really.

In case anyone is worried I am not about to say the 552 sounds broken - apart from anything else, I have an arrangement that if I am not satisfied after a few weeks I can swap back. Having a 552 didn’t make the 52 sound broken- just didn’t sound as good

Anyway, today is the day the S1 pre arrives. Should be the last ever major upgrade though I daresay I will be doing some tweaking from time to time, starting with some Chord bits and pieces. Def hoping Naim never do a statement streamer… Oh, and I may investigate Innuos zenith or statement in time, though the statement seems an awkward blighter to fit in what with two boxes and a limited length umbilical

Here’s the before pic

Total saving in shelves today should be three, unless we keep an extra one empty for space

The Melco ripper and N1Z are also going - replaced by a Core which I have been feeding with cds for a couple of days now. May keep that upstairs for a while as I keep feeding it - much easier there than in the rack and my wife won’t tolerate large boxes of cds in the room over Christmas

I find feeding the cds in strangely satisfying - and being able to change the metadata from the app is ridiculously easier than Melco’s approach. Oddly, the core has managed to rip one cd that the Melco refused, and vice versa

Anyway - more news as it happens!

Edited to add - all the fraim shelves should hopefully match and the mains cable from wall to M6 should be replaced with a signature


Congrats - enjoy the S1 Tim!


All the best for today Tim. Naim have always been excellent amplifier manufacturers and the S1 is sooooo good. It will just get better and better over the next 6 months with a few down periods but boy is it worth the wait!

As for the Statement Streamer the privileged few will have to cough up @ £100k new less any trade in for it. Count me out!

The top Chord stuff is defo worth a try in your system but enjoy the great pre upgrade for now :+1:





Not Jealous, very happy for you.
I must stop reading post’s like this however. They just set my mind back on the upgrade road and I haven’t had time to fully enjoy what I’ve got yet :man_shrugging:t4:
You will have a great Christmas, just like @Mike_S with his new 552, reconnecting with your collections on a level many of us will never reach.
Enjoy and Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:


I am sure you and your wife have worked very hard……so enjoy and well deserved.

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I am a bit jealous of Mike as he has spent so much less than me and will comparatively get a fairly similar (? Not being exactly serious here) improvement!


Hi Tim,

You must be buzzing with anticipation for that power back up moment, once the installation is complete.

If you remember, can you pass on my best regards to Naughty Pete?


Dave, in sunny North Yorks.


Hah. please don’t be. I’m half expecting to wake up tomorrow and it was all a dream. Then I have to sell my old gear to recover costs (that was the promise to Miss Mike).

Never say never though. You are ahead of where I started from. Just look for used bargains and seize the day.


I remember replacing my olive 250 with a 300 (had the 52 then) and then the 52 with the 552 both were very lovely Upgrades so you are def in for a treat :blush:


Well she described the existing system last week as “fine”. Not as in, dang, fiiiiine! But “ok”, “passable” etc. She just isn’t interested in music

Without getting all philosophical - yes we have worked extremely hard, and cannily too, but we didn’t choose to be born where or when we were born, we didn’t earn our brains or the support from our families - and plenty other people work very hard and don’t get a fraction of the wealth and privilege that we have. As a kind of boundary I try to give away more than I spend on cars and hifi. Proving a bit difficult this year :grimacing:


Pay It Forward is a great philosophy to live by :blush:


Really hope you enjoy it tim! I will live vicariously through you as the only way I’d ever get anywhere near that high up the ladder is if trade in included one of my kidneys lol.

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Despite all the wonderful gear on display, my eye is drawn to the turntable first and foremost. It looks wonderful. I want one!

There is always the latest linn klimax DS

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It’s a simplinth- can’t remember what wood it is

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That’s a lovely plinth for the LP12, but far too much grain in the wood to be one of Linn’s own, I think. Can you tell us the maker, please?

Incidentally, may we assume from the thread title that your sense now outstrips your money?

PS Apologies, I see that the question has been asked and answered.

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A - yes, simplinth

B - yup - normal balance restored :blush:

C - should have read your full post / waiting a bit longer before replying :rofl: