Most of BBC HD vanished from Freesat

We have an old but high spec Panasonic Viera TV. As of this week, we have lost all Freesat BBC HD channels except BBC 1. All other stations (ITV, C4, etc) are fine.

Nothing to do with the SD switch off; at least not directly anyway. Have tried a complete retune, factory reset and retune, switching off and on again. :-). FWIW Freeview is fine but not as good quality which is why we prefer Freesat.

The satellite dish has been up there for at least 20 years and has never given a moment’s problem. It’s 20 feet up but a visual inspection from the ground doesn’t show any signs of movement or obstruction.

The signal strength on the missing channels is shown as strong but the signal quality is zero.

Any ideas gratefully received!

All BBC HD channels present and correct on our Freesat box so there’s nothing wrong with the channels. If the dish has been there 20 years perhaps the LNB has finally failed? Either that or perhaps the channels have moved to frequencies your LNB can’t cope with?

Thank you. That sent me on a different track. A bit of research shows that all Freesat channels operating on a frequency from 10937MHz upwards work and none below (mainly BBC but also I have now found E4, Film 4 and More 4 +1).

The BBC website indicates there have been no recent changes to frequencies so it begins to sound like a failure somewhere. It has to be local else Google would be reporting this widely and, as you have confirmed, yours are working fine. So next question: Is it the dish end or the TV - not sure how I can diagnose that?

Most LNBs have two outputs (or more), but you only use one for Freesat. So one option might be to go up to the dish and move the coax onto the spare output. Of course that might not be practical and your’s might not be “most”.

Beyond that if it were me I would probably get an aerial rigger in and get him (they are mostly him not her) to change the LNB.)

After that it probably means taking your TV somewhere to get it checked. There is a place half a mile from me that would do that, but that isn’t much use to you unless you happen to live near Guildford!

My money would be on the LNB as well if it is that old. Watch out though, wideband LNBs like Sky Q use are incompatible with Freesat built in to TVs. When we got the Freesat box a few months ago I plugged it all in and it couldn’t find a signal. Phoned the Freesat help desk and they said that their boxes needed a software update before they would work with wideband LNBs, and that even though the box was connected to the Internet the only way they update the software is over the air. We just had to leave it plugged in for a couple of hours while it updated itself and then all was good. On that call I also said I tried plugging the satellite cable in to the fairly recent TV with Freesat built in to test the signal and that’s when I was told built in Freesat doesn’t work with wideband LNBs


Sat dish and LNB is a good twenty years old, feeding a sky box of similar age here - LNB may be more recent (?).
Two thoughts, first consider a new tv in the nyr sales - images from the latest sets and good prices would be very tempting, using streaming - perhaps your freesat has recording(?). However some of us are reluctant to move on perfectly good kit.
If so, then add an Apple tv box, assuming your tv has a spare hdmi input. The v latest Apple tv boxes are excellent, two models, wifi only or + ethernet. Costs maybe similar to using a sat specialist to change your lnb. Lots of app sources, no need to be an Apple user, Beeb player, itv and lots of other apps.
One further thought, close physical examination of your sat down-lead may reveal water incursion, which could create problems - I’ve had the same with a radio aerial feed.

Grew up near Guildford but not that near now!

I had a friend in the village who was brilliant at sorting out TVs (it had been his business for years when there used to be decent money to be made) but he sadly passed away a couple of years ago.

I will start with the aerial and take it from there. It’s too high for me to tackle (don’t have a ladder long enough and other half wouldn’t let me anyway!)

Many thanks to you and elverdiblanco for your advice.

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Well I hope it goes well and gets sorted out. Do tell us what happens. I also think you might be surprised by the picture quality of the latest TVs and I’m not thinking of a cost north of £1000.

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Very wise, I am almost certain @davidhendon would not encourage anyone to do anything beyond their competencies / confidence, while I have all the necessary kit including a tall and a long roof ladder, I would equally say leave these things to the professionals. The saying, “practise makes perfect” is most adept in such context.

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Very reluctant to move TV on. It works well and has an excellent picture; no recording but no desire for it. So wil try other solutions first. Now TV stick and Chromecast with Google TV provide the streaming solutions (actually the TV streams as well but very limited options). Fortunately loads of HDMI input options.

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If the OP is a Prime member (of cough “The Great Satan”) then the Firestick TV is a worthy alternative to Freesat for the “terrestrial” channels.

We have both, the Firestick gets more use than the Humax.

Understandable; Apple tv might be an option then, disappointing it has occurred close to one of those tv watching periods. Wishing you a good (watching) festive season.

Yeah, we have a 20 year old Pioneer 50” Plasma. Tuner is analogue, so not useable, but the bloody screen will not die! Not a single dead pixel!

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Thank you all. Fortunately we also have Freeview* so all is not lost over the festive period. *Only after I repaired it a couple of weeks ago when Mrs PW42 got over enthusiastic with the secateurs. :slight_smile:

I sympathise with her. I was cutting some dead creeper away from where it had grown along under an overhang on our house only a couple of days ago and it was only a twinge from the rheumatics in my thumb that stopped me from snipping the incoming telephone cable. I could have fixed it easily enough but it would have been an unwelcome hassle.

Not that this helps with your current problem, but if you do decide to go the new TV route, it might be worth reading up about ‘freely’ which is a new service being launched in 2024. It seems in the longer term it will take over from Freesat and Freeview, though it seems these will continue alongside it for somewhile.

Not true. Both are used by Freesat when you are recording and viewing different channels.

It depends! Freesat built into my two year old Samsung 4K QLED TV doesn’t record and so uses just one LNB. Same with the Sony I had before that.

My Freesat box has 2 LNB inputs

I was hoping that this would be available as an app on streaming devices like the firestick or Chromecast but apparently no, you’ll need a new TV according to their press releases.