Moto g8 can't find rooms

Hi, my Motorola g8 plus will not find rooms on the main app. I have two muso devices, which work fine on other phones so I guess it’s something in the settings. If anyone has any ideas, I’d be delighted to hear them. Many thanks

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Welcome to the forum @drews . There is a on own problem with BT hubs with communication between devices across the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands

See below link

Apologies if it doesn’t work, I am not very used to this forum on the phone!

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I have a Moto G8 Power and no problem whatsoever. It is extremely unlikely that any setting on the phone would mess with the network connectivity in such a way that it would not find the rooms. Did you ensure that you have wi-fi enabled on the Moto, and it is connected to the same wi-fi network as the Mu-sos are?


Hi, I think you probably have identified the problem - I do have a BT hub. Will try your solution. Thanks so much for your answer!

Hi, thanks for this. I think the problem is probably with the bt hub that kaypeejay identified, I just haven’t had the chance to check it yet. Good to know that it’s probably not the phone settings!


My Hub updated today to version v0.26.04.04227-BT which has fixed the issue. I can now turn the 5Ghz band back on. Well, it’s worked for 10 mins so far anyway. I didn’t ask for the update so they must be pushing the update to everyone now.

And now it’s unfixed itself. Oh joy.

I’ve been doing what you said - disabled 5gz - and it’s worked perfectly since then. Thanks for the tip, though it would be great if BT could sort out the issue.

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