Moving away from vinyl?

Yes, the prices of vinyl are rising at the same time that the quality of the pressings is not up to par, unfortunately. But luckily there is still a lot of good music to buy from the glory days of vinyl if you like music from the 60s and 70s…

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I think thats fair. Dependent on both TT setup and streamer/dac compared.


When I discover something I like the sound of my first choice is vinyl provided it doesn’t cost more than about £20. Second choice is best possible quality of download, wav if possible. Otherwise I reluctantly go for CD or in one case ( Knopfler and Emmy-Lou Harris live concerts) DVD. Having said that I only play from vinyl a few times because I transfer all the good ones to digital at the highest sample rate my equipment will do it ( 384 KHz recording then extracting each track at 192KHz ). All too often I prefer older recordings made in analogue studios rather than poorly equipped digital ones.

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Yes, I moved from vinyl to CD in mid-1990.

No regrets, even in 2022 (especially with all the complaints about the Animals release, for example).



I’ve gone the other way. I was only listening to CD’s for many years. Plus little bit of Spotify streaming. During the pandemic I moved to a bigger apartment and suddenly there where more space. So finally I could return my vinyls to a center-position in the living room. I had some money saved and thought that it was time to get a new amplifier. I have had the old one for 40 years so it deserved retirement. Got a Supernait 3 and a ND5 XS 2. Started using Roon. But I also got a new turntable and a RIIA. Kept my old turntable and fitted a mono cartridge to it.
Now a days I mostly listen to vinyl. For me listening to vinyl is more focused than streaming. Most of the time I listen to whole album’s. I also like that I have to go up and change record. It is more of a ritual to listen to vinyl. And much more enjoyable. I prefer the sound of most vinyl albums compared to streaming (Qobuz and Tidal) but some music sounds better streamed. Contemporary electronic music. Some of Alva Notos albums for example.
I don´t think that the pressing of vinyl has declined, rather I find contemporary pressing being much better than the once from late 80’s.
The best thing I have done is that I bought a ultrasonic vinyl cleaner. They are expensive but if you buy vinyl you should get one. I clean all records old and new. They sound much better after being cleaned. I can not recommend getting one enough.
Now a days I never play CD’s. I have digitized all of my cd’s and have them on my Roon. Occasional I do buy CD when music I want is not released on vinyl or Digitally. I then ripped them to Roon. I dont own a CD-player an more. Do not miss having one…yet.


I have had my LP12/ARO/Geddon for decades, but it was seeing a lot less usage. Then I bought a Troika and a first rate phono stage and I have been listening to vinyl FARRRR more.


May I ask where you found a Troika? Was it a recently ‘re-tipped’ one from Goldring?

Hi Graham,

Yes, it was David’s own one.

Had to send it back for a refurbish after a year. Which shows how much I have been enjoying it.

I’ve cut back buying vinyl massively…the vinyl revival being the main cause; charity shops over charge for knackered second copies and new vinyl is a lottery on quality control. And the price of new vinyl… someone’s having a laugh. All good things come to end (for now :wink:)


Thanks for that. I have always wanted to have a Troika, but never succeeded. Indeed, I have never even managed to listen to one.

I have a brand new Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua all set up and ready go in my ARO, so I really shouldn’t be casting covetous glances elsewhere!

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Swap? :rofl:

Just looked up the price, only slightly more the £450 I paid for the Troika. It does work superbly in my LP12/Aro/'geddon and into the SBLs. Almost as if they were made for each other.

No swap, but if I could find a new ARO wand, I would love to consider a Troika in that second armtop.

Which wouldn’t work, in reality, as the TKR and Troika need different MC boards in the NAC52. So that ship has sailed, and I’m not unhappy.

I’m shocked :wink:

I wondered what your phono stage was. Not that I will ever go there but what do you think of the Dynavector? I have only ever owned their cheaper siblings.

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Whatever the internal phono card in the NAC52 is the correct one for a Dynavector MC cartridge - is that the 523S (can’t remember)?

I had a Dynavector XX2 MkII for years, but had a new Te Kaitora Rua fitted around the start of the year. An intervening illness has prevented me from listening to it yet, but I’m hoping to change that soon.

I traded up to the TKR because I liked what the XX2 used to do, and I’m hoping for more of the same, but better. We shall see.


I have XX2 Mk 2 on Aro and pondering Te Kaitora Rua at next replacement so would be interested in your opinion after listening.

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In a nutshell, this!

I hope to be able to do that very soon. Trouble is, I haven’t heard the system for 10 months or so now, so it will be all but impossible to form any sort of comparative assessment. It never occurred to me, when I was ordering the new cartridge, to have a head-to-head listening session, as I didn’t know that I was about to be whisked away from my home and my music.

I’m hoping for fabulous, though (at the very least).


I really wish I’d gone with a Dynavector rather than the Linn Krystal a few years ago when I got some LP12 upgrades. The Te Kaitora Rua looks extremely tempting.

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Yeah the price of new records has climbed a lot here in NZ… I’m probably going to look at adding some sort of steaming solution to the main stereo at some stage soon - either that are up a muso or something downstairs so if I want to stream I can with decentish quality - i like the analogue (records/paper books etc) as I spend all day attached to screens and digital devices at work so it’s a balance thing for me but at $60 for a record it’s hard to justify…