Moving away from vinyl?

One of the pluses would be that I could retain the same Superline airplug loading value with the change. My wallet would likely object big time though. :unamused:

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I strongly advise against that. I think that any ‘steaming’ is likely to be extremely damaging to your precision-built audio equipment!

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I only listen to digital streaming from my Naim during dinner as background music.

To relax, I listen to pure analogue LPs through my high-end (albeit expensive) LP playback system. And yes, I do occasionally buy those “expensive” LPs from Analogue Productions (and others too) because they are guaranteed to be pure analogue (direct to disc or from master tape) because they sound so much better.

When digitally sourced and or mastered (nearly everything these days) LPs find there way onto my system, they sound “etched”, overly defined with a loss of naturalness, like a photo that has had the contrast and sharpness adjusted to maximum during editing, which irritates and, when played, prevents me from relaxing.

I accept there are plenty of you out there who prefer the clean, hyper-detailed but edgy sound of digital, over analogue, because of the examples of each that you have listened to. But beyond that, I also believe there are differences in the way peoples brains are wired so that even if they did hear a well-recorded analogue D2D played on an exceptional analogue playback system, they would still prefer the sound of their streaming digital music, but I am not one of them.

If anything I have gone the other way, just purchased a Pure Fidelity Harmony/live origin tonearm mk4/Dynavector cart, it is superb, have a Rega P8 with the budget rega cart, yep its good, have gotten good sounds with top tables and modest price cart, using the Rega to make reel to reel tapes, biff the needle no sweat. Also have a MOFI ultradeck with mastertracker, very good for the money. Rega RP6 with Exact2…very nice, and the Queen table (big Queen Fan). I guess analog is alive and kicking at my place.


Graham I’m not saying Naim’s old internal Phono cards are not good because they are I’ve used them in my old 82 but that cart of yours really deserves a separate phono stage.

When I had my 82 I was using a 20x2 L and found that a Trichord Dino and NCPSU brought things out of that cartridge the cards couldn’t that cartridge of yours deserves it.


Thanks, but I have more than enough boxes as it is. The phono cards are doing the job perfectly well inside the NAC52.

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Graham I’m not saying they are not and it wasn’t a criticism on your system far from it it is a lot better than my own and no doubt it sounds wonderful it was just an observation and an opinion based on experience.

I know how much you like that Dynavector/Naim sound add a 5 or 600 pound phono amp the size of a large box of matches and it blow you away I promise.

Thank you. I’ll have a word about it with Audio T at some point soon. I’m pretty happy with the system as it is, but I suppose there’s no harm in looking for any incremental improvement.

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I’ve been encouraged by my dealer to go TKR but the thought of installing one fills me with dread.
That and the jump from £1/hr to £5/hr when listening means I’ll likely stick with the XX2.

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I’ve pretty much given up with vinyl. I bought a Cambridge CXN streamer after the poor quality of the vinyl release of Pink Floyd’s Animals remix. If the pressing quality of new vinyl is so inconsistent then it really isn’t worth the extra cost anymore. However, I’m off to Southport now to visit my favorite record shop and I know I won’t come home empty handed!

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Hi Graham, What news of Parole?

None, sadly. I’m hoping to go out with friends over the week-end, and may not make int back to my place of incarceration. But the management may wis up to that ploy.

Basically, goodness only knows.

This does seem more like incarceration than health support :thinking:

There seem to be no health concerns involved, other than chucking a few pills at me each day.

But let’s talk about other things, please.

Former I listen with a top Clearaudio vinyl player. I sold it because it take place and I offten fell asleep an waking up with that scrash scash scrash … . Returning with my Cds2 I stopped listening music. In jully I’ve got my Nd555, the solution.


I will not be giving up on vinyl or rather as it should be in my view, LPs.

I have been buying LPs since the 1970s and will not be stopping. I have not had the bad experiences that some seem to have with new pressings. I have had some very good reissues. The set of Kraftwerk reissues was very good as was the most recent Can’t buy a Thrill from Steely Dan. I do think it is true that quality control can be an issue these days with so much pressure on pressing slots in the plants.

I should say I buy more used records than I do new ones but it is just that my musical tastes sit more in the past but new reissues can be a better option when the originals can be very expensive.

Some new issues can be better than the original too. I have a 2014/15 remastered Springsteen born to run and that is better than the original UK pressing and better than the CBS Half speed master version in my view.

I play CDs too and stream to listen to recommendations that I have not heard before but LPs are my favorite medium not just for the sound but the whole experience of playing the record and the artwork and covers. I won’t be giving that up.


Not moving away but not buying as many and purchasing new artists only if I find them really interesting having streaming them before hand. Definitely not buying endless reissues of the same effing album I already own just to compare SQ.


My only experience of analogue was with cassette tapes when I first started listening to music and then CD with a little Mini Disc in between, anyone remember those! Vinyl just never happened for me, there is no nostalgia for it I guess a lot has to do with what format was dominating when you started seriously listening to music. There seems to be a real desire to either get us to choose between vinyl or streaming, I have a large CD collection and have invested lots of money over the years to get the very best out of playback, currently using CDS3 and upgrading from XPSDR to 555DR. Current price of CD’s has really enabled me to explore other genres of music and expand my collection, I do however spend time researching dynamic range of CD releases as find some of the remastered CD’s were unlistenable on a good system. For me, vinyl or CD, physical format is the key for me, I want to look at my collection and decide what to play next not look on a phone or computer. I do however feel those into vinyl are definitely being exploited by record companies, when demand is growing at pace and supply can’t keep up the only thing that is certain, a drop in quality.


I have done exactly that and never looked back - unless you have a decent vinyl collection with stuff which was released before the CD era.

Upgraded all my cables to Townshend F1’s so hoping the power supply upgrade will be the end of my upgrade journey for some time! I had a CD5 for years and experimented with various power supplies, always been shocked with the difference they make going all the way back to my first, the Flat Cap 2.