Moving coil cartridges

Hello again, once again I am after help and advice, I recently purchased an LP12 off a well known site which on face value looked good but actually turned out to be not so good, anyway I have been buying nearly all new not used parts to have Moorgate build me a new turntable, I had to do it in instalments so my boss (wife) didn’t notice how much it was costing, anyway the only part I am going to use from the original turntable is the ittock arm and that is if it gets a clean bill of health, I however need help choosing a moving coil cartridge to suit relaxed listening not into rock or jazz just easy listening so after that warm relaxed sound, my setup is nac 82 with 523k boards, hicap, and 250 cd is a cdx all olive and I really like the setup with no hankering to change, other than I have just had a dedicated spur put in and picked up a 5 way Graham’s hydra to tidy up cables, not delivered yet but will report on how it goes, hope you guys can help, regards Neil

Dynavector 20XL - ? Around £750.
(logic here is thatr I use a DV10X into almost exactly the same combo, but with 523 E boards)

Am sure other sugest-ee’s will be along, Shortly…

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Hana SL , lovely cartridge with a mellow ballance, excellent tracker too with a shibata tip.

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I’ve always found Dynavectors great trackers and work best with Naim phonostages.


I recently listened to a very nice Ortofon om20, not an MC but a very lively MM. Not a bit harsh, never would have thought that such reasonably priced cartridge could deliver so much. But if you are hankering after a nice moving coil design a VDH MC10 is very tailored towards your musical tastes, and I think it is under £1k.

Another vote for Dynavector. Buy the best you can stretch to from the Dynavector range.

All are great value cartridges at whatever price point in the range you can stretch to. And all well suited (I think) to the Ittok arm.

I’m just about to have a new XX2 Mk II (exchanged by Dynavector for an old one) fitted to my LP12/Aro deck.


The OP will use the internal 523k boards. They will not suit to all carts.
Richard Dane wrote in another thread:

“ K boards have slightly different load (560ohms) but the main difference is that they are rolled off more gently and at a higher HF band, so make sure you only pair with a cart that’s well behaved at high frequencies beyond 20kHz.”

Dynavector MCs tend two work best with S boards.

523K boards may be converted to S - by Naim or other authorised peeps (such as Class A).


Maybe a prefix would be better? And not very expensive second hand?

Hello and as you guessed this is my first experience with vinyl in 25 plus years, the arm currently has the asaka cartridge but I haven’t got a clue with regards to it’s condition so will replace on build, I appreciate all your recommendations and will use them for a bit of research, the only cartridge I had shortlisted was the Hana so but now will broaden my search, the internal boards aren’t such an issue as I have some 523s boards as well or could get Darren from class a to modify, anyway so many responses I will just collectively say I appreciate all your help which has been Stirling advice on this journey, very kind regards Neil.
Oh and keep the ideas coming I will look at whatever is suggested.

Hello again, not sure if I’m allowed to ask but if anybody could point me towards a late mint condition nap 250 I would be grateful, regards Neil.

That would be olive 250.

That would likely be worth getting rebuilt.

Not permitted, on the Naim forum, sorry.

But you could look at TomTom or Cymbiosis websites as a start. Both are good for ‘pre-loved’ Naim. I have used both of them… :grinning:

Neil, that’s not allowed under forum rules. Too open to abuse. However, try some of the dealers and their secondhand stock.

Hello thanks for suggesting rebuild, my dilemma is would it be as good or better than let’s say the Hana sl or a mor modern dynavector as suggested, please let me know you thoughts, regards Neil

Hello sorry didn’t mean to breach any forum rules, I will be more careful in future, regards Neil.

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There are others on here, who can advise you better.

I had an Asaka - but sold it, after buying a DV10X… again (I am a serial 10X user…).

I have a DV 20xx which replaced a Troika.
Personally I would be looking for a refurbished Troika as that sounded nicer than than my DV 20.
Not heard the 10x so would give that a listen. I’m sure it’s great.