Moving on from Naim

So it’s been a while coming but I have made the decision and am selling on my Atom as moved on to a different non Naim system that suits my requirements more and I am very happy with it.

So I won’t be really posting here anymore I am less and less anyway. It’s been nice being on here, you’re generally a civilised bunch had some good advice over the years. I do feel the place has become a little too obsessed with switches and ethernet cables but to each their own. It’s not the reason I am off just don’t see the point being around much if I am not an owner of Naim any more.

Anyway so long and thanks for all the fish. Will keep my user active for now as who knows I might be back one day.


What have you bought instead? I always thought your Atom and Tablettes looked rather lovely. The most important thing is to find something that works for you and that you enjoy listening to.

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I have gone with a NAD T778. Sounds as good if not a little better in some areas than the Atom to me and has a bit more drive behind it perhaps as it has more power.

My room has always been problematic and causes a huge boost at 100hz and a few other issues. I have been using DSP room correction for years to compensate via Roon as it’s my primary listening source for the house which has been great (room mods not an option nor changing layout). But I can’t use it for other bits like my TT or CD player if i want to and also not my AVR. As the NAD has Dirac built in and also Roon it sorts all this in one package and the results are pretty amazing and I don’t have my pc doing any heavy lifting.

I have always had 5.1 with a separate Arcam AVR that used the Atom to feed the two front speakers via its preouts to the analogue in and AV fixed volume. Which meant my TT was not in use and had to switched over to use it. Which is a pain and stopped me using it. NAD covers my surround needs as well and has more than one analogue in so makes life easier.

I never expected an AVR to sound as good as this does for stereo and this unit isn’t as hideous as most AvRs has a much better screen that’s touch control and artwork is displayed better than the Naims display. I hate the remote but it’s a small price to pay and won’t be used much anyway as I use my Harmony for Av duties and Roons an app.


Good luck and have fun on the journey!

If you are enjoying the music that is all that matters… Life is sweet!


Yep that’s indeed what it’s all about.

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Sorry to see you go, I appreciate your help getting me on with the bubblesoft server and container stuff. PS - My Naim dealer stopped selling Naim and is the one of if not the largest Linn dealers in the states and he’s been trying to get me over to their side. The Organik kit looks interesting.

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You’re welcome. Yes the nee Linn stuff is nice kit but a bit out of my price range mind. This I managed to get as ex demo so significantly reduced but with full warranty which is nice . so I should be able to recoup most of the outlay back from selling on both old amps

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Given all that, the NAD seems like a great solution. Listening to your music and films should be a pleasure, not a pain. I hope it gives you lots of enjoyment.


Sad to see you go. You always added to the forum and personally I always found your posts worth a read.

Thanks for your help when I had issues with Roon. Although I did not stick with Roon in the end, it was cool that you cared.

Many happy music hours wished with your new toy!

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If the reason to go away is because you don’t have anymore Naim gear, it’s not a good reason. There’s a lot of members here without Naim components and still very active. For example @Innocent_Bystander who is here since probably 20 years or more ( ? )
I am sure a lot will be pleased to be helped by you on the tekie pc area, Roon , mobile hd players….


Arghh you’re all making feel too wanted. I’ll still keep my forum account, I don’t have time to always split my time as I am on Roons forum more these days . But I will always be happy to answer stuff and may well pop in from time to time and I’ll get email notifications if I am naim dropped. Old habits die hard anyway.


Hope you do stay around as I too enjoy your posts (I like Roon but not as well versed as you!).
Shame that Naim didn’t work out for you but from your description of what the replacement NAD offers you - no contest!

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Not quite, FR! Actually only half that this year - which surprises me as I thought it was less.


And we need IB to give a bit pushback against the greatness (pun intended) of IBL’s.

Buying a different Hi-Fi is fine but not leaving the Forum!


Hear hear!

But isn’t this hijacking someone?

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you don’t need to have a naim system to continue to read the ‘best jokes’ thread :slight_smile:

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Why to move and take a risk…when naim is great

I feel you have not read Meni above posts :grin:

what did i lost?