Mu-So 2 - Dune Edition nowhere to be found

I have tried to find a Mu-So 2 Wood Edition in the UK with no luck, and the Naim website says…

Mu-so Special Edition - Dune is limited to two thousand units and is available now at select John Lewis stores and

But it does not show up on the John Lewis website. Does anyone know if it will come back in stock anywhere, or have I already missed the boat?


Dune is the one that was originally called “champagne” for gen 1 muso; it’s not the wood one gen 2 if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Thanks for the clarification - I had missed that bit!

Looks like I have missed the boat re: Wood Edition - will just have to wait for the next iteration, as the “normal” Mu-So fails the SWMBO aesthetics test :fearful: #too_dark

Too dark? You can change the front fabric bit if that helps.
Eg Peacock; there’s also olive and terracotta.

I think the Bentley gen 2 is the smartest.

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There are some brand new ones on eBay, and at least one dealer is listing them as available.

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I like the first Naim for Bentley Mu-Sos the best - the knurled edge to the volume knob which mirrors the knurling found in the cars is a lovely touch (literally).

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As Robert advises above, any of the grilles can be used across first or second generations. I’m particularly partial to the orange grille…

There is a wood edition muso on the bay at the moment.

Personal view, the grill i like the least is the one that comes with the wooden muso2. Could not wait to change mine out for black one. Although i like the orange too.
There were plenty of wooden muso 2s about a month or so ago.

I might have mentioned this before, but the Dune /champagne “faux pas” was very much avoidable. I’m very surprised that noone from the France office said anything. Anyway, naim received a “cease and desist” from Champagne because you cant use that word to describe a product. Which came as such a surprise to naim marketing - and if id been there a week or several earlier, i would have said so too! So it was renaimed (sic deliberately!) to “dune” (and no i dont know who came up with that) and we had to replace the word “champagne” with “dune” in the erp. Then print a lot of new labels to send to John Lewis etc so they could update the packaging with the new name.

I am very surprised by this. To the best of my knowledge, such name/origin protections apply to the same class of products, even within the EU. You can’t name a sparkling wine Champagne with a capital C:

For instance, you can clearly call a car color Champagne:

With the color and the wavy grille, this seems a logical choice to me.

(And because my link was edited (sorry Richard): You can also google for other products using the word Champagne, it’s not just the GM color)

The wood Mu-so 2 was on offer last April - I bought one from Richer Sounds.

It was most definitely “stop calling it Champagne or else”. Perhaps they didn’t like “Champagne edition”. And so “dune” was used instead.

Maybe the capital C changes things?

“This beautiful new finish has been selected as it ideally represents both a ‘celebration’ of the continuing success of the Mu-so family, but also because it delivers a unique appearance that oozes sophistication and exclusivity from every last detail,” Says Simon Matthews, group design director. “The Champagne Mu-so special offers a highly desirable and unique aesthetic, appealing to those music lovers who do not settle for second best when it comes to luxury in the home.”

Probably the use of the capital C to suggest it was associated with Champagne as opposed to being merely a champagne colour.
Meanwhile I am going to open my Windows, sorry, I mean windows.

Not as far as I can tell. This is the first time I have heard of a protected name that supposedly applies across industries and product types, and that would give them basically complete ownership of a word. The Wiki page about “use of the name” says nothing about it either.

Maybe they meant “or else …”


I mean, Austria has many such food name protections. For instance there is “Original Steirisches Kürbiskernöl”, Styrian pumpkin seed oil*. Only the combination of all 3 words is protected, and only for pumpkin seed oil products. Everyone can still squeeze pumpkin seeds and sell the product as Kürbiskernöl. And everyone can still call the federal state by its name, Steiermark / Styria, or produce and call their wines Steirischer Wein, etc.

Not saying you are wrong, but first time I hear this and it is very odd.

* Highly recommended but don’t get the cheap stuff

The GM color has a capital C. Whatever, who knows, very odd though

I’m not sure who is buying a Champagne Mu-So and then being surprised it’s not a bottle of fizzy wine.

Perhaps Naim decided it was easier to relabel than get entangled in a legal battle.

They should have called it Méthode Champenoise

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It’s all on the official Champagne website and they will come for you.

Quote “ Help us to defend the Champagne designation and to protect our gastronomic heritage! If you spot the name “Champagne” on a product which is not a bottle of Champagne, please let us know using the form below.”

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Just filling in the form now for General Motors

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