Mu-So firmware 1.6 to 1.8 issues

At the week-end I was assisting a friend with getting his Mu-So 1st Gen working again.
I noticed on his Naim app (running on a Samsung tablet) that there were firmware upgrades available. Following the instructions I downloaded the update file and then waited the 15 minutes for the update and re-boot to happen. In fact we waited 45 minutes plus by which time it was obvious it was not working. At this point we were stuck with a none-working Mu-So that resembled a “brick”.

The app action for finding the missing room was a mumbo-jumbo which assumed a wi-fi set up when the Mu-So was wired. It did not work. Totally useless and confusing.

Then repeated unplugging and plugging in of the Mu-So (3 times I think) before it came back to life. Not sure if it did the update or stayed on version 1.6. By this time if it was working again then we no longer cared.

I then looked at this forum and was amazed to see a Feb 2019 post describing an identical issue encountered by many Qb users 18 months ago see

There was no official Naim input (do they not read the forum) and the topic was closed over a year ago. There were some user solutions which would be beyond many users comfort zone - but this should not be necessary.

Come on Naim - what are you playing at? - this is shocking.
(I have lots of Naim amplification - but thankfully I have a Linn Majik DS on which updates work!)

This forum is for Naim users to discuss their love of music and their systems. It is not a platform to engage with Naim for support. They do not monitor this forum.

If you need support contact Naim directly. On the couple of occasions I have done this the support has been excellent.

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See where you’re coming from, but if i were Naim i’d definitely keep at least an eye on here.

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If you have several users encountering the same upgrade issues in Feb 2019 and the problem is still out there in August 2020 then if I were Naim I would want to know about it. A link to a support topic with instructions would be useful in helping their customers.

Also if you think some improvements would be nice you would probably not contact support. Naim would be unaware of such ideas if they do not monitor the forum.

Was Naim support available at 5.00pm on a Saturday when we had a MuSo “brick” ?

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It’s unfortunate that you encountered problems but with computer things it sometimes happens. I have three Qbs, all wired, and all updated without problems. So the update process is not faulty as such. I’d suggest you try again and if you still have problems it’s worth contacting Naim. All it should take is a touch on the little arrow on the App screen.

Naim don’t monitor all posts on the forum but they do look at it to see what’s going on.

Thanks for your post.
Yes I expected it to work and the tablet reported the firmware file had downloaded. My friend is going to talk to his Naim dealer to help him.

Before talking to the dealer ask your friend to check if it’s actually updated. It probably has. Touch the little cog at the top right of the app screen and ‘settings’ will open. Then choose ‘about’. It will show the firmware version in the third line down.

Thanks again. Have passed on your info.

Thanks again.
It had updated to 1.8 so obviously the re-boot was the problem.

That’s great. Thanks for letting me know. It’s always nice when a suggestion works!

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