Qb firmware update never ends

I’m trying to update my Qb firmware from 1.6.0 to 1.8.0.
I followed the instructions using Android App but the update shows no sign of completing. The status indicator remains blue and the volume segments are still spinning clockwise. This has been going for a couple of hours and I have a feeling it’s never going to end. (I updated the Muso I have in a few minutes.)
Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to just abort the process.
I have seen other questions regarding this and it looks as though that may be the only option but I thought it best to ask.

In the end I decided to abort this by removing power. The Qb eventually rebooted and worked OK. It was still on the old level of firmware and I wasn’t offered an update in the App.
For the benefit of others, this is how I resolved the problem. …

I found the downloaded firmware on my phone and copied it to my PC. I found the IP address of the Qb and typed this into my browser. I then selected update and browsed to the file I had earlier downloaded.
The process completed successfully and the new streamer 1.8.00 was displayed on the App.

Thats what i had to do for my muso. The web browser method did the trick. I’m thinking the Android app might have had something to do with this hiccup.

I think you’re right. The other strange thing was that the App no longer offered the update once it had tried and failed. I guess a flag got set somewhere during installation and never got removed.
I do wonder if the browser method should be made more obvious and well-known. It would have saved us some time working it out.

It’s the app that works out whether an update is available. I’m on IOS not android, but recently I had my phone (which had the beta certificate on it) offering me the last beta and my iPad offering me the release app. I told it to update from the iPad and the release update was installed fine.

I think if you had deleted the Android app from your phone so that the associated data is deleted too, then reinstalled it, the app would have again have offered you the update.

That’s a good point. I’ll give it a try if it happens again. Regards, Mike.

On the plus side, never ending update presumably means continuous improvement! :grin:
Pity you can’t actually hear it.

True but watching the volume segments going round is quite entertaining … for the first hour or so!

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