Mu So Remote Battery Change

Does anyone have a solution of how we open the Mu So remote without damaging it to change the batteries please? Thank you, new here . Malcolm

I’m watching with interest as I have no idea either and the instructions don’t say :joy:

I’ve never changed batteries in a Muso remote, but remembered this advice.

I’ve also seen this “ Regard the remote - there is a bit of a technique to it. Flip to the battery side, having the polished end of the remote towards you. Grip with two hands and then press with both thumbs upwards just above the split line.

There is a small tab on the battery cover that needs to be pressed down in order to unlatch from the body of the remote as you slide it outwards.”

I’ve pushed so hard on the back of my QB2 remote that it’s a miracle it didn’t snap in half. Amazingly, it still works despite being bent quite alarmingly during my attempts, but I’m quite sure it’s not opening without the use of a hammer.
I did speak to someone at Naim about it, and their suggestion was:
“ If you’re unable to get it apart by hand, you could try inserting something like a mobile phone SIM tool into the slot, precisely in the middle and push down while sliding the cover back. This will depress the tab in the center.” I can’t imagine how this would work without putting a gouge in the plastic.
To be fair, they did also say that they would give me a replacement if I couldn’t get it open without destroying it.

:joy::joy: you’re a better man than I. I just tried but to no avail. Silly design for such a great product IMHO.

I don’t often say that of Naim products but my Nova remote just slides apart.

ETA. Ok, so I’ve just removed but only with a pair of marigolds. I might fettle the cover to make it easier next time.

Good question, I’ve never used mine. I use the app.

I’ll ask my dog, she managed to get the batteries changed in the Sky remote.

Needless to say, I don’t let her near the Narcom or Muso remotes.


:slight_smile: lol

Did you use a sim pin… and “marigolds” :slight_smile:

I haven’t got a remote to try this on, but the suggestion of a pin in the hole should work because it bends down the latch which is connected to the sliding lid, just enough to release it, hence no gouging of the plastic.



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No, just the marigolds as I didn’t want to use such a narrow implement on the plastic.

I’ve fettled the latch with a Stanley blade now by taking some wafer thin slivers off. However I’ve since found that a table knife will do the trick if you place the blade in the groove and lever the back off.


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