Mu-so remote

I understand this is stupid, but I can’t open the 2nd generation Mu-so remote. :man_facepalming:t2: Anyone help me before I smash it? :sweat_smile:

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There’s a knack to it, I’ll see if I can link the thread this has been covered before. Smashing is not required.
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I need a knife?!? :thinking:

Yes, not by design but it works. Doesn’t have to be sharp, just anything thin enough fit into the gap.

I have used a pencil eraser which has worked for me.

pencil eraser? How?

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Hold the remote in one hand and hold the eraser in the other and push on the cover to open ( it grips on the cover ).

For me it is impossible to open it without damaging it or banging it on a wall :angry:

In the interest of research I’ve opened mine. I put a very sharp kitchen knife in the slot across the back and used it to get the leverage required. And lo and behold…

And here it is, back together again, and you’d never know it had been opened. A sharp knife is your friend.


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