Mu-so repair

Hi all,

I’m a user of Mu-so 1 in South Korea.
I have some problem of my Mu-so’s repair.
In South Korea, if Mu-so’s main broad is broken, Mu-so must be sent to the UK for repair.
Because Naim headquarter doesn’t not supply the main board in South Korea.
In addition, the customer has to pay all shipping-fee to repair the product.

But the problem is that the main broad costs is about $200, the shipping-fee is $600.
If main board is broken, who will send it to UK to repair?
I think this situation is very irrational.
So, I’m very curious what the situation is in other countries.
If the main broad is repaired in other countries, will the product be sent to UK?
Because the Naim headquarters doesn’t supply main board.
And does the customer pay all the shipping-fee?
Also, are there any country in the world that supply main board?

I’m writing in a really frustrating heart.
If anyone has experienced the same as me, I would like to share the situation.
Thank you for reading, and please reply.

The situation differs in different countries, depending on the capabilities of the distributors. Some distributors, e.g. in Germany where I live, also perform more complex repairs/service, others do not.

Regarding your unfortunate situation and how it is handled in South Korea, I am sure @Richard.Dane can help.

I don’t know what the best procedure is for repair of a Mu-So in South Korea. Probably best for the OP to contact Naim.

I don’t what is the OP? please, explain the OP.

Original poster.

So, you mean that I contact to Naim through Contact Information in the Naim homepage? right?

Yes, best of luck hope it gets sorted for you.

Thank you for your reply.

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Hi JJK where did it come from? Can these dealers help?

Everything I wrote was heard from main distributor in South Korea through the Naim headquarters. So I wonder if the main board is not supplied to other countries other than Korea.

In this case, and as Richard recommended the same, your best chance of success is surely to contact Naim through the Contact Information on the homepage. I hope very much that they can offer you a better solution than $800 for a repair including a required shipment. Best wishes.

Thank you so much. I hope so too.
Currently, the used Mu-so 1 is $800 in South Korea.

When I enquired my dealer for a purchase of a Mu-So Qb 1, I was told after warranty period (2-years in my country) they would bin them, not being able to repair first generation Mu-So’s, neither Mu-So or Qb, if any issues occurred.

If fail within warranty period, I’d simply get a new one.
Sound crazy but he insisted.
He told aprox three out of fifty sold failed
Deal-breaker for me unfortunately.

Not sure if this is changed with the mk2 Mu-so’s, bit of waste to bin them I think.

Gen 1 mu-sos are repaired in a dedicated service area at the factory, they are certainly not all binned.

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Unfortunately, it’s been over two years since I bought it and it’s broken,
so it’s right to throw it away.
If this is true, should we buy these products?


I don’t know where @PerF is, but in @JJK’s case I guess not many will make it back into this service area even if it is possible in principle

That is exactly why I didn’t buy one when they came out.

It was made clear that after the warranty expired, there were no repairs, just bin it !!! At least, that was my understanding at the time.

I was surprised, and pleased for anybody who did buy one and has had problems, to learn from Robert’s post above, that Naim are actually repairing at least some 1st Gen Mu-so’s.

But for sure, the original policy put me off.

AFAIK, the factory can now repair them.

I agree. Also, if indeed every unit has to go back to the UK to be repaired, that’s not really acceptable in this day an age. Both from a customer friendliness and environmental pov.

3 out of 50 also sounds like quite a lot.

By them, do you mean mkII range ?