Mu-So Ver1 Wireless Volume Control issue

I just purchased a Naim Mu-So v1 and updated it to firmware 2.0. I have successfully paired it with my Comcast/controller for streaming movies. I can remotely control the play function and the Mu-So outputs the audio signal from the movie stream, but the wireless volume adjustment control does not work. Only the physical volume adjustment on the speaker itself is possible. I have also tried using the volume control in the iOS Naim app but unsuccessfully when paired with Comcast. (When bluetooth streaming e.g. from Spotify the wireless volume control works.) Remote Comcast volume control works when paired with other bluetooth speakers so it’s not a Comcast issue. Factory reset of the speaker does not solve the problem.

I see someone else had a similar issue here but without response: Naim Mu-so QB Volume Control problem (Bluetooth Connection)

I hope someone can help me out. Thanks

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