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EHi,I wonder if I am missing something obvious here, or if this is not possible.In my streaming setup one qb and one nd555. This morning I started out playing a track on the qb track found on tidal. So I wanted to keep playing on the nd555 stop playing on the qb and move the play list one selected tidal album to the nd555.moving what is playing from one room to the other.
I know I could just multiroom from the qb but since I want to continue playing in the main setup and not using or hearing the qb this does not solve the problem.

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I was thinking about the same functionality, but I think this will require some programming in the app to publish the playing queue from one device to another. But would be nice to have!

When I raised this before I was just told to mute the original device…
I think it’s a shame and handover would be a really nice improvement to the software. Of course using other multiroom solutions supported by Naim like Chromecast or Airplay you can circumvent this.

I’ve added it to my list in the feature request thread: Feature request thread - #217 by n-lot

The Qb is not your main system obviously. Were you to start on the 555 and use multiroom to play the Qb, it’s simple to turn off the main room to have only the Qb playing. You could do the same from the Qb, but you’d then be controlling from there. It’s pretty simple to just stop the Qb and go to the 555 and open the same album. I believe that’s the subject. I can’t really call this a problem as I do the same thing, with the exception I always control from the main unit(i) (Nova…lol)

No matter how simple you find this task if you do it in another way as described the problem is there. Especially when you have selected something on tidal or quboz not just an album or a favorit or a radio station. If I just want to play a favorit changing to the other room and starting the favorit is not that hard.
The problem with muting the qb is that it also mutes the 555, if you mute on the dial at the top of the unit.
The basic problem is that as long as you keep the qb as the controlling device you are also controlling the qb from the app.

So why not control from the 555? And you are using the multiroom on the Naim, not Chromecast? Because using the multiroom, just click on the multiroom icon bottom right on the now playing screen within the Naim ap and then check or uncheck what you want playing. There’s no “muting” involved. I’m assuming the 555 has the same options as the Nova here…this does not solve the question of switching control units. But, I’m saying just always start at the 555. With the multiroom, just uncheck the 555 when you check the Qb if you only want the Qb playing at that time. Of course, if you want to change music you need return to the 555….I know…you are like “duh…”…lol…

one more interesting observation. When playing internetradio from the nd555 to the qb and using the qb screen to stop the qb stream this did also stop the nd555, witch makes no sense in my head at least as long as the nd555 controls the stream that is until the qb stopped the stream on both devices.

I think when you stop the stream, you stop the stream for everything, wherever you do it from.

The way to stop the Qb without stopping the ND555 is either to deselect multiroom in the app or to select another input on the Qb.



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I think handover between a new platform box and a Qb version 1 could present a problem with eg. Qobuz.

I can start playing a track on Qobuz on my Atom, multiroom it to the Qb and then mute the Atom. But the Qb doesn’t support Qobuz directly so I don’t think full handover would work in such a setup. It would only be possible for new platform streamers I suspect.


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