Feature request thread

!!! Thank you. I was wondering why it seemed to do something different every time I tried to use it

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More playlist requests!
Can you implement a sort by newest.
It’s a bit of a trawl to the end of some of mine.

Qobuz playlist assignable to mu-so qb 2 presets just as is now for iRadio and spotify playlists.


That’s a really good suggestion that’s available on other platforms smart speakers. Press 1 for your assigned classical playlist, 2 for indi, 3 for jazz etc. Very welcomed addition.

How about a balance control for headphones. Not everyone has balanced hearing.


Added, as discussed here, and previously in other threads, the option to shut down the multiroom master without the music stopping.

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Two feature requests if I may be so bold:

  • Dirac implementation or some other kind of room correction (RoomPerfect?). Would potentially be a huge deal if it could be made to work and work well.
  • More options for the display on the Uniti line - VU meters? Something else? Not sure, but I think it would be fun.



To save confusion when a track is no longer required in a playlist how about “remove from playlist” rather than “delete”.

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‘Remove track’ may be more succinct.

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Guess which track is playing time……

It’s actually track two but you’d never know!
How about a highlight bar, I did think this had been done but may be getting mixed up with Qobuz ?


So any chance of “play to the end of this track” button? The idea (which was implemented on a CD player I once had) would be a quick way of asking the player to continue to play the current track to the end then stop. Perhaps it could be one of the options when clicking on the three dots in the track listing.

Why? Well, I’m often listening to a track and get called to eat or realise I need to go off and do something. I’d like to finish listening to the current track first and not be distracted by the player going on to the next track. Of course I can watch the display and close play down at the end, but that requires concentrating on the screen not the music. It’s a small thing, but I used it frequently when I had it available.



Change the icon size of the Naim app on iOS.

The icon is smaller than other apps.

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The icon is the same size its just the Naim text size which you can’t do much about without a rebrand !
But thanks for keeping the thread alive !

It could be my iPad, but on a folder the icon has the correct size, on the dock it is smaller.

It is a cosmetic issue not affecting functionality anyway.

I have a Unity Core, and I’d like to see a shuffle play feature for the “Favorites” icon.

Then of coarse, I would be able to randomly play my favorite cd’s as I add them to this category.


don’t know if this has been raised before - thread is getting quite long. it would be great to add a note to individual tracks in a playlist - e.g putting together a playlist of demo tracks from the thread “single track …” it would be good to have a note of why the track was recommended eg “bass at 3’50’’” - i currently create playlists in qobuz so that might make it more difficult - but happy to create some in naim app.

there is a “highlight” bar in android app but it is so subtle as to be invisible in a daylit room - at least on my samsung galaxy tablet. so less subtlety please!

Yes definitely, how about some nice green text to match the logo on my SN3/ND5 XS2?

Great idea but I fear naim have moved away from green

Now that Apple Music has lossless, direct integration would be nice. The dongle DAC or AirPlay 2 setup is less than optimal. Sonos has it… just sayin’. :man_shrugging:

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