Music On Special Offer


I’ve found this thread in the old forum really useful so to start things off, QoBuz have some good offers on Pink Floyd’s studio albums, including 24 bit.


Yeah. I had a look at this last week when I got the email and typically, forgot to share. Some good stuff there at what are giveaway prices for Pink Floyd recordings!


Those remasters sound pretty good to us – our go-to versions on the music server!


Glad to see the old thread made it to the new forum. I am keeping a close eye on Qobuz because about this time of year in the past couple of years they have the bonkers silly prices for about a day!


Same here.


And me


What is so special about the Qobuz prices? You can get the CD version for a lot cheaper. :man_shrugging:


Jazz House Records is listing some ECM, including New Series at £5, £8 for doubles.


Qobuz is interesting for Sublime people who buy high res audio. Very often much cheaper than CD quality, CD quality prices are a hit and miss.


Juno download had some great offers a few months ago, and potentially still do.

They seem to have a new year promo with 20% off using a discount code HAPPY2019 or similar, 1 per customer which I think applies to anyone, existing customer or not, it’s on their site as a banner if I log out.


Thanks, Alley_Cat


Yes, some of it is beyond belief. Ella Fitzgerald - The Complete Songbooks, John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth, Aretha Franklin - Soul Queen. All £12.49 less 20%, how are they doing it?


Juno had some good stuff at good prices not long back. Well worth keeping an eye on.



When I was doing my food shopping this morning I noticed that Sainsbury’s is offering vinyl albums at two for £25, which includes double albums. The choice is limited and excludes the Beatles remasters, but the new Kate Bush remasters, for instance, are included.


A few hours left on this offer - I really don;t know the early stuff but am very tempted to take a punt on the 1st six early years albums in hi-res (Continuation apparently only available with the original set?).

Wise move or for completists only?

The hi res albums will be around £8-£11 each.


I always forget the time zone differences - the offer expired at 11pm as I was deciding what to get and adding things to the basket.


The Juno download 20% offer expires on 22nd Jan.


I’m not sure it actually is an offer, but it’s a 6-disc box set for £15.99, which is a lot cheaper than it seems to be available elsewhere. I’ve just finished listening to the second disc and I thought it was superb.

Click here - Debussy’s solo piano music, played by Noriko Ogawa, via Qobuz.


@ Alley_Cat

You’re a star the discount code works a treat - thanks so much.


Vinyl only £9.99 on the river. :sunglasses: