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Thanks AndyP - I now need to organise myself to take advantage of a few things I stuck in the basket ages ago!

If Juno did hi-res (don’t think they do), I think they could be extremely competitive.


‘If Juno did hi-res (don’t think they do), I think they could be extremely competitive.’

Or bust! Either Qobuz and the rest are taking us for mugs and making a mint or the guys at Juno have a death wish.


The availability and pricing of downloads is baffling. It will be interesting to see how things develop over the next few years. Bandcamp with VAT added have priced themselves out of the game. 7digital never seem to up-date their website. Boomkat is very good but limited as is Juno and Bleep. The specialists like Hi Res Audio and HD Tracks seem quite expensive and although offer a regular discount they add tax. If Qobuz call it a day it will be very bleak.

If itunes or Amazon enter the 16 or 24 bit market it could be a game changer or with the ultimate tail-off of Vinyl and CDs is the future a streaming platform service like Tidal which I suspect is not great all round. I heard a statistic on the World Service last week that on Spotify for 60,000 hits of a song an artist gets less than £100 which is not an incentive to make music.


The market is definitely going towards streaming rather than downloads. And of course all the main streaming companies offer to the option to download to your phone whilst you’re a subscriber. All ‘young people’ I know don’t download just stream and then the ones who are particularly into music in more of a big way buy selective stuff they really like on vinyl.



All vinyls £9.99 on the river. 8)


This Debussy is generally available for about £15. Five CDs and booklet, nicely packed, card sleeves -



I’m sure that’s a great set, but it’s not the one I linked - the one I linked is 6 discs and played by Noriko Ogawa.


Two tracks of mine have over a million plays on Spotify. Suffice it to say that neither I nor my partner in musical crime will be taking delivery of any Bentleys any time soon!


Yes, I saw your link to Noriko Ogawa. I believe that is one of the classic versions. I wanted to highlight the Planès as it is also a bargain set and one I have only just found on CD and ordered. You can’t have too many interpretations of this music.


Aha, I get you. Yes, it’s really lovely music, the more the merrier.


I know the offer has ended now - didn’t see this in time - the 1972 box is worth it as it contains a 2016 remaster of Obscured By Clouds which is better than the 2011 remaster, but more importantly it has the soundtrack to Live at Pompeii which is, I think, the first time it’s been available. Worth it for the first two tracks alone, but there’s more !!

Can’t comment on the other boxes as I haven’t got them - 1970 should be worth a punt as I think it has a version of Atom Heart Mother by just Pink Floyd - no orchestra or choir.


This outstanding box set is reduced to £19.75 from the 1975 store.

The 1975: I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it Limited Edition Super Deluxe Boxset
Super deluxe album includes the below and is presented in a 12” lift off lid box contained within a transparent pink plastic case:

Gatefold double 12” album pressed on transparent heavyweight vinyl with album download code included
Exclusive 7” vinyl of singles ‘Love Me’ & ‘The Sound’ pressed on heavyweight transparent vinyl
CD album in jewel case with 28 page booklet
Hardback 1975 photo book with 40 pages of rare and previously unseen photos
A4 enveloped letter from The 1975


Thanks for the HU:+1:
Got a copy being delivered today.
The one I have has been played to death over the years.


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Eric Dolphy Musical Prophet

£11 on Juno, £22 on Qobuz.


How do they do this?

The Clash - Sound System - CDs £120 on Amazon, MP3 £50 on Amazon, Juno…£12.49 in your choice of CD quality lossless formats :thinking:


Vinyl only £6.99 on the river. :sunglasses:


This excellent compilation gatefold LP from Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records is on offer over at Dodax for under a fiver. It’s about £18-20 elsewhere…


Gorillaz - The Now Now. Deluxe Edition 180 Vinyl gram, Box Set.

Now reduced to £33.44 on Amazon. Around the £50 mark at other retailers (and Gorillaz site).


Bobbie Gentry’s 8 CD boxset - The Girl From Chickasaw County available to download from Qobuz for £39 which is something like £25-£30 cheaper than when I bought the excellent physical copy.