Music On Special Offer


As Capitol records is part of the universal music group. Do they still have watermarking in their downloads?


If I did not already have the original album, I’d probably buy it. Very tempting. Great album.


Definitely an indulgence on my behalf as I’m not really buying much new vinyl at the moment, but as I’d already bought the Qobuz high res download thought it would be nice to have the full set. Also curious to hear what the coloured vinyl will sound like, and compare download to vinyl!


Christine & the Queens - Chris.180 gram, 2LP and CD French Edition and 2LP and CD English Edition. Limited numbered edition (10 000 copies worldwide).

Reduced to £28.81. Around £35-40 from other suppliers.

Turning out to be an expensive week!




Amazon have halved the price of the new Specials CD, currently £4.99.


I’ve just bought the new Bob Mould album, “Sunshine Rock”, from the Merge Records site, The FLAC download is 24/96, and at Paypal exchange rates cost me £7.65.


Just had an email from Sound Liaison. A new Carmen Gomes, single mike recording at €5 discount


Qobuz, ‘Jazz Anthology’ by Don Rendell. 60+ tracks for £1.07! My sort of bargain.


Thanks just pushed the button for the 24/352 flac version


Me too :grin:


To bad Qobuz doesn’t have services to sweden


Bought! thanks for the tip.


Decca Sound: The Analogue Years 1969 – 1980 on Qobuz

£24.49 for 24 discs / 315 tracks / over 32hrs of music. Bargain!

System Pics 2019

Listening to it now ! - Thanks


Any good?


still downloading…


Great - thanks for the tip off. The other one: Decca Sound: The Analogue Years 1954 – 1968 is also available for the same price. I bought both. I am a fan of decca recordings so I have high hopes, once the monstrous download is complete!

PS for metadata masochists, all the cover art pics are on discogs.


Four live David Bowie albums on coloured ltd. edition vinyl: Australia, Chile '90, Crack City & Japan '90, reduced from £25 to £10 (each). On sale for clearance at MCRU.


Dan thanks I’ve been meaning to pick this up (Beth Rowley Gota Fria) for a while - thanks for reminding me.


Kind of wish I hadn’t known that, as once I’d read your post, I couldn’t resist, haha! Some other idiosyncrasies too, eg I split discs 8 & 9 differently to preserve the works involved, and I kept them all as ‘Various’ in order to keep the box set together.

Turns out nicely in the end though: