MusicWorks ReFlex Ultra G3 Distribution Box

I don’t have one of these musicworks power blocks, but I do feel I can contribute nonetheless.
Particularly your asking of advise over its emotional effect over the music.
I have read many reviews of Naim kit with the reviewers usually being those known to mention this aspect - but mostly keep it short with one or two tracks of choice highlighting this.
Emotional response is particularly relative to oneself and what system is running in a particular room and music preferences playing - and depending on the time of the month, temperatures, what’s been eaten for dinner, mood of employer on that day and choice of underwear worn that day - and believe me, nothing makes you more susceptible to negative emotions than wearing tight (uk)pants.


Ummm…you might have something there, Tobyjug. When I was emotionally connected to Melody Gardot today, I must admit I was wearing loose-fitting pants. Coincidence……?



My mama always said to me : « don’t hide your emotions my son ». Perhaps she was not aware of such a situation…:smiley::scream_cat:

Next time you take a visit to the friendly dealer. Go commando.

TJ, Yes, I can appreciate that the factors listed have an effect although surprised about the last one! I suppose nonetheless that we can sense whether music being listened to is capable of arousing an emotional response irrespective of those factors by qualities it possesses.

Taking it further there are some aspects which bring back memories so the concept of an emotional response is complex and we need to refine the definition a bit. However, not the time for pedantry now!

Thanks for your posts.


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Yes. Others have mentioned that the MWB seems to let the system be more itself. If what’s connected already lets emotion through…
Although other devices have been said to suck some of it out.
A few years back I tried that Nordost QB6 block and felt it had a detrimental effect. Polishing up rough edges but robbing some energy. I have a slightly different system now and perhaps it’s addition will be more positive.

Well just had my musicworks block upgraded by Andy at Signals. Even with a cold system its another overall lift in performance, just better all round…no brainer at £300. When i arrived @MichaelF was just finishing a speaker demo, and an A/B comparison of the upgraded “peek” base . He also purchased the upgrade, and can perhaps comment.
Another forum question was is it better on a hard surface…Signals prefer on a carpet?
@NigelB and @anon4489532 asked about can it be done by the customer. From a HSE point of view i think musicworks would rather a dealer performed the task. There would always be one person who did the upgrade with it plugged into the mains or fiddled with the internal wiring? In the first photo you can seethe musicworks instructions on how not to electrocute yourself…they are covering themselves by getting it done as a dealer fit.
However, its real simple to do. Remove the 4 screws on the top plate and be careful not to lose the “peek” washers…they are expensive. Turn over pull out the feet, and remove the base plate and discard ( seems a shame). Remove plastic film on either side of new peek plate, position in place, slot the feet in. Turn over and use the screws and washers to fasten, just tighten and then give a small extra nip to tighten, don,t over tighten. Done.
So i think you can easily do it if you have a good dealer relationship and they trust your ability…it certainly a good upgrade imo.


Interesting, a star earthing system as expected but the live and neutral are wired to create a small ring?

:small_blue_diamond:@Gazza,…Excellent, do you know what it is for socket.?
Furutech, Oyaide, MK or any other brand.


Sorry don,t know…its certainly not a standard MK socket as its got a black square socket set in a grey housing?

it was night and day, in another league? :rofl::partying_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks Michael i much feel much better now for opening my wallet too, for a silly looking piece of plastic. Most people would lock us up and throw away the key😉
Good to see you and your wife and a bit of a catch up…til next time, take care.

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:small_blue_diamond:@Gazza,…Ok,.we have different designs of our contacts and socket between UK and Sweden.

But I ask,.because we have tested different contacts and socket in recent weeks with astonishing results.
And that we are building different models of powerstrips.

• But on your pics Gazza,.it looks like the sockets are sitting with plastic screws so as not to be magnetic.Do I see right about that.


Yes they are plastic, even the ones holding the top and bottom plates together via the feet…there is a “peek” washer under the screws for the top plate…very important, apparently. Peek is a polyether ethyl ketone and amongst its properties is vibration damping. The new base plate held up to the light is acrylic with thousands of flecks of “peek” embedded. Its expensive at £6000 for a small sheet of pure “peek”according to my dealer.


Thanks for the feedback on the G3 Peek base @Gazza and @MichaelF . I have just been seduced to pay £300 for a bit of plastic!

Must need my bumps felt!


Please explain what you mean FR. :joy:

Thanks @Gazza. I’m going to have to explore this upgrade for my G3.

you know what i mean Nigel…i was referring to another thread, hahaha

I wanted to have a demonstration of my old block against the one fitted with the new bottom plate. So I listened to an NDX2/Supernait 3 combo into some Russel K floor standers. My original block sounded good but I felt that the sound was a little shut in not flowing as freely as I would like… I put this down to the smaller system compared to my 500 system at home. We then swapped in the the upgraded block and it only took a few notes before Andy and I went wow… it has all opened up beautifully … all the usual things were happening… I would say as good as a black box upgrade or say going from Reflex Lite to Ultra G3. As Gazza says a no-brainer and my wallet fell open… a highly recommended upgrade for all Ultra G3 users. I did ask about whether it was better to have the block on the carpet as mine is or on a hard stone surface… Signals prefer carpet but other users have preferred a hard surface a case of try it and see what works best for you I guess.

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Interesting thread, thanks all.

I take it the G3 comes sans mains cable (to wall socket), what do you all use/recommend?

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