MusicWorks ReFlex Ultra G3 Distribution Box

I know this unit has been covered before on here but I just had to bring it up again in case some of you have not picked up on it. I borrowed a G3 unit from Signals and I must admit I wasn’t expecting much.

Well it is probably the best £1k upgrade I have ever made. Stupidly better! How does that work then? It is only a collection of mains sockets, right? No, much design effort and upgrading of this model has resulted in something rather special.

Just go and borrow one from your dealer and see (or rather hear) for yourself.


Yep. I can relate to that, @NigelB. My dealer brought a new demo unit round to my place one evening in Feb of last year. It took all of one track for me to decide the demo unit wasn’t leaving with him :grinning:

I don’t how it lifts the system’s performance in the way that it does but what my ears told me was sufficient.

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I could have told you that the bit of perspex block would knock you back a few pennies. The electrons no where to go etc, shouldn’t make that much difference…i was convinced it would not be a big difference. One of the best upgrades for me of-late.:wink:

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This lump of perspex is still improving. I guess there must be some kind of run in period.

I just don’t get how this thing can produce such an uplift in SQ. Reading the blurb it is all about reducing noise and clever star earthing.

This hobby of ours never ceases to amaze and confound me!

Do I really need a ND555 now…? Of course I do. That should of course be ‘want’, and not ‘need’!

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I bought one of these a few months ago and am really pleased with it. As you say, I’ve no idea why it works. Mine is sitting on the carpet and I wonder if it would be even better on a thin stone slab, so that its special feet work properly. Maybe that’s a tweaky step too far.


i put mine on 4 mini granite blocks i have unused. I uplift a bit the sound vs direct on the floor.

To all ReFlex Ultra G3 owners, Alastair at Signals updated me on the next development of the Ultra G3. The base panel will be updated to be made of PEEK, I think it is called, the same material as the spiked feet I believe. The new updated unit will cost £300 more but the good news is that current G3 model can have the new base panel fitted for a £300 upgrade. Alastair told me the new base panel makes a significant difference, and I believe him. The only problem at the moment is that they have run out of the new base panels.

I grant you, £300 for a small panel of plastic is a lot, but I have heard with my own ears what investing in the MusicWorks distribution block can bring to the music, well for Naim owners anyway.

Do you know if this is a DIY job, or is it a case of back to base?

Alastair gave me the impression it was a simple retro-fit that could be done by the user, but you might want to check that.

Annoying for those that have recently purchased one

Not really, as financially it costs no more to have the upgrade compared to the extra £300 for the updated model. I will go ahead with the old G3 and decide if I want to upgrade later. I am not even sure if the updated G3 is even available yet.

@Gazza, slightly annoying to see that The Signals Kudos Active thread has been delisted from the HiFi Corner and does not appear anywhere else. Possibly too much chatter about the superb results from active crossovers designed for ‘other’ speakers was annoying the Parents and embarrassing Naim. I could of course be wrong, it has been known.

Its still there as Signals Kudos event, last post by numptyhead a few minutes ago?

Yes, the thread is still there but it is not listed under HiFi Corner, as it was before, well not for me anyway.

@Richard.Dane, can you explain, please.

Nigel, I’m not sure why you can’t see it. It’s still there for me.

OK, thanks. I of course retract my comment about the Parent and Naim.

Bit weird though.

Agreed. Very odd. It’s been quite high up the list on Hifi Corner since it began and apart from an edit to one particular post to ensure it complied with forum rules, nobody in admin has (AFAIK) moved it around.

When I look at the thread it says it is listed in HiFi Corner but when I open HiFi Corner the thread is not there, in fact it is not listed anywhere on the Forum for me.

I emailed Alistair to order me one👍

Very odd. All looks fine from here. Anybody else unable to see the thread?

I know the new baseboards are out of stock at the moment, according to Alastair, but when you get it I would be very interested to hear your thoughts.