Muso 2 base

I’ve not long since purchased the very good Muso 2 to compliment my Uniti Star and have sited it on my elm sideboard.

I am a little disappointed with the sound, it’s a bit hollow if that makes any sense?

I was wondering whether I should get a bit of slate or granite to sit it on, and whether this may improve matters?

What are the thoughts on the best think to put them on?
Your suggestions are most welcome :+1:

It sounds best when on a dense solid support. Also make sure to adjust the settings for wall proximity and loudness.
It has been mentioned before on the forum to sit the mu-so on vibrapods or similar, but try the above settings before experimenting with isolation.

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Have you tried changing the Room Compensation and Loudness settings? There’s no guarantee they will solve your problem, but it’s easy to try. Moving the Muso to a different position, especially distance to walls and corners, may also help a little if practical.

Thanks Robert, I’ll try to get hold of some of those pads first :+1: loudness and proximity settings have already been adjusted, this helped a bit, but I feel that something still needs tweeking​:grimacing:

My mu-so is sat on a solid wood top of a unit and I found that with loudness set to off and room compensation set to near wall gave the best bass, this reduced what can best be described as a bass boom which was present before changing the settings.

Vibrapods work well for me on my qB which is sat on a sideboard.

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Thanks Chris, I’ll try moving it out from the wall a bit, settings already adjusted.

Hi kend,
That probably describes what mine sounds like, solid base trial coming up, but it will have to wait until next weekend as it’s at the other place! I’ll order some of those Vibrapods too Michael, certainly worth a go…cheers.

Ours sits on top of an upright piano in the dining room and sounds fine. It’s reasonable close to the wall and around 4 feet from the floor. Perhaps the vibrating strings do something!

My unit sits 36cm from the rear of the unit to the wall and with the front of the unit level with the unit below. This position combined with selecting the near wall position took the bass emphasis away and improved the clarity on the mids.

Watch those vibropads - they do mark furniture albeit I like what they do!

Plinths and supports for Muso are a bit over the top. Good placement on a solid surface should be enough.

Once you start tweaking a Muso, it brings into question the simple elegance of the solution over separates. And if the angle is just right, the clear base gives the illusion that the main unit it just floating an inch above the surface. A plinth or feet shatter that.

I find they do take a couple days to run in (Muso sound awful fresh out of the box) and if near a corner, they don’t work well placed neatly at a right angle to it, tending towards working much better firing angled into the room. And as mentioned the correct DSP setting makes a big difference.

The full fat Muso likes the front edge to be not more than an inch from the surface edge to avoid reflections. The Qb has a neat trick where placed on a stool so it fires into open air on 3 sides it sounds great.

I’ll try moving it forward to the front of the sideboard, hadn’t thought of that thanks :+1:

I may try opening the doors of the sideboard, as maybe the volume of air in there is acting like a drum!:see_no_evil::joy:

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