Muso-2 buggy beyond usuable

Muso-2 will drop off wifi. I’ve done all the things suggested for wifi (use separate ssids for 2.4 and 5 GHz, pin the router to a fixed channel). But still the box falls off the network even DURING playing through Airplay.

Airplay, which I don’t WANT to use, but because after playing any track longer than 4:09 (really, no joke) via QOBUZ playing stops and manual intervention is needed to start the next song on the playlist.

This product sounds awesome, but as is the case so often with companies that have no deep digital DNA the software is SO insanely non-professional that this product is NOT able to deliver a trouble free streaming platform that WILL JUST KEEP PLAYING while you have guests over. Buy this, and you’ll be endlessly fumbling on your phone and swearing while you’d rather spend time with familiy and friends with some nice music playing, spend weekends tweaking your router and end up having to hardwire this thing (?) to make it behave.

It would be only fair to update all marketing material that this box has NO wifi capabilities that you can use AND be mentally sane, because that’s effectively the case. Please test before shipping. It’s not that hard people.


It may be wise to reflect on the fact that there are thousands of these in use on wifi, working without problems, before accusing Naim of selling a non functional device. The issue will almost certainly be with your wifi rather than the muso. Try it wired just to double check that the muso works, then isolate the wifi issues. As a start I’d set the router to DCHP rather than trying to use a fixed address.


And just my pennies worth :grimacing::
I’ve got 1st Gen muso & qb: no troubles whatsoever, and reportedly, their wifi was a lot worse. The qb is as far away, upstairs, as it can possibly be: no problem’s. I would listen to HH: you need to get your wifi sorted, try wired, then move on from there; they are wonderful once that is sorted.
Please don’t ‘give up’, & I hope you get it sorted :relaxed:

If I’m buying a 20 bucks toy off alibaba THEN I’ll accept having to do all these wifi bubble-boy things (fixed channels, mess with ssids, now fixed ips too? What is this 1977?).

When I’m spending €2500 on a product I don’t expect to need a phd in wifi (which I happen to actually have) to make it work. For this super hefty price tag this should just work, and it clearly isn’t just working. Search this very forum and you’ll find many more frustrated users of this problem, which in the end capitulate and hardwire, which I’m not willing to do out of principle.

Again, if this is needed, be honest about it, and don’t advertise this product as having wifi capabilities. I see that you’re a naim fan, and that’s fine. But I don’t think you can counter the above and look yourself in the mirror.

The wifi router is top-notch ubiquity stuff that everything else (actually even the 20 bucks alibaba toys) work perfectly on.

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Get the vendor to replace it with a new unit. If that is the same, give up and use something else.
A PhD in WiFi sounds cool.

I would suggest that if you’re not specifically looking for advice or help here from the members then best speak to your dealer and ask them to help (it’s what they’re there for). It could be something really simple on the network causing a problem, or it could be a faulty unit. Either way, you’ll need to engage with them to try to find a solution. You also have Naim’s own support available to you in the meantime (see support pages on the Naim website), and we can perhaps offer some advice on things to look at or consider that may help.

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Out of interest what channel width are you using at 2.4 & 5Ghz ?

I have a Ubiquity UAP-AC-Pro, as you say router I’m guessing you have a Dearm Machine or an Alien.

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I would definitely look to the network.

I used to have issues with a streamer dropping off a WIRED network - it wasn’t the streamer that was at fault, it was the connection between the WiFi (for the control software on a phone or tablet) and the rest of the network (including other WiFi devices!). I turned off the WiFi from the router that connects to the internet and put in a different WAP (Wireless Access Point) connected to my network… suddenly all the problems stopped happening!

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Beat me to the punch. Obviously the first thing to try is to switch wi-fi channel.

You seem to prioritise having a hissy fit over trying to sort it out, which is fine, but what are you hoping to achieve? You don’t need a PhD in wifi to get it working. I have a PhD in behavioural ecology and my Qbs work fine.


My Muso 2 works fine and I don’t have a PhD in anything. I do know how to use capital letters though.

I use a QB Gen 1 over Wi-Fi with no issues, you mention Ubiquiti APs are you also using a Ubiquiti USG or Dream Machine if so is IPS turned on?

Hard-wiring might be difficult, and I can understand that one might not want to pursue it for that reason. But not doing it “out of principle” (problems with emotional regulation?) is just stupid. Sorry but it had be said… Almost sounds like you don’t want to find a solution but just vent your anger…

Naim and our moderator, @Richard.Dane , are too generous — I would close this thread…


I have a DPhil in Social Policy, and whenever a wifi device has a hick-up I threaten it with a visit to our local hospital for painful treatment. That normally works well. :rofl::rofl:

FWIW, my 2 Muso QB Gen. 1 work beautifully. :bouquet::cherry_blossom::tulip:


Out of principle, because this product should just work on any wifi, like for instance my cambridge audio streamer does. If wifi capabilities are advertised, but take this much effort to make work, that’s just a bad product, and everybody here really knows it.

I guess don’t buy a muso-2 if you’re not physically able to hardwire and expect this to work well on wifi. It won’t.

The wifi hardware is UAP-AC-Pro. The distance is tiny. The bandwidth is fiber 1gbs up and down (to the internet I mean). There are 2 separate ssids, one for 2.4 and 5ghz, I’ve locked both into the lowest channel. All the auto channel stuff is turned off. (This really puts a burden on the management and performance of other devices on the network, but ok.) And still it doesn’t work properly at all. On QOBUZ, after playing a track longer than 4:09 the playlist stalls, the machine suddenly removes itself from the iphone app, no way to recover but to reinstall entirely. Sometimes after it stalls it will pick up again after many many hours, like in the middle of the night. I’m on the latest software.

This is a software issue, and there should be an update for it, but it’s not forthcoming.

Thanks for the help (for the helpful people) and the laughs (for the other people).

Sounds like you have already started your PhD in wifi — only 3 more years, and you will get your Muso working in your house… :rofl: :rofl:

Further to the above do you own a USG or Dream Machine if so and IPS is on you need to omit Naim streamers from IPS.

This will be my last post on this thread.

I guess the larger majority for whom it just works did not experience this enlightenment

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No conformation on whether our PhD has enabled us to experiment with changing the wi-fi channel then?

There were already some threads like that. At the end, each time, or maybe 99% of time, it was a network problem. People changed the router, or realised that it was a mesh wifi problem or wrong setting.
Even if your Cambridge works, it doesn’t mean it’s not a network problem.