Muso 2 & Deezer Hifi


Will the firmware of the Muso be upgraded to connect to a deezer hifi account ?
Like with Qobuz or Tidal ?


No one knows.
I suggest you add to this thread.

Note this isnt necessarily monitored by Naim and doesnt mean anything will (or can) be done, but maybe if there’s enough “voice” it might be considered, assuming the API to Deezer makes things feasible. Deezer is integrated into BluOS so it’s not impossible. Whether Naim consider this an important milestone on their app roadmap is another thing.


Thanks I will do that

It was mentioned that the software team avidly read the feature request thread.

You can stream Deezer via Chromecast to your Mu-so 2nd Generation, in great quality.

Native Deezer integration into the App will be considered if we get enough requests - we haven’t had much interest yet, but then the Chromecast route will suit many.

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