Muso 2 streamer not responding

AirPlay uses WiFi (or Ethernet) not Bluetooth. It is usually possible to cast from iPhone direct to the streamer over Bluetooth if the app in use supports it, but that’s not AirPlay.

I’m not an expert, but before I posted I found several articles with language like this from late last year.

“For example, if you want to stream music to a Bluetooth speaker from your iPhone, AirPlay is a convenient way to do it. The same goes for videos: If you’re watching a YouTube video on your iPad but want to watch it on a bigger screen, AirPlay is the quickest way to maintain seamless viewing.”

Airplay/ chromecast use wifi/network to stream music.
Bluetooth use kind of radio wave no need wifi/network

Let me rephrase. I just performed the following:

First I paired my iPhone with my Muso.
Next I turned off Airplay on my Muso.
I streamed music from Tidal to my iPhone
I clicked on the Cast icon.
The list of castable renderers was listed
Included was the Bluetooth Icon.
So I was streaming into my phone via the Internet, but transmitting from my iPhone to my Muso via Bluetooth

Could that be the situation here?

Edit: the list of available renderers is titled Airplay even though it includes Bluetooth .

Another thought - Pinging and the Analyzer are both testing the LAN connection. The same is true for Airplay to renderer, either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Tidal connect requires a connection of Tidal to the Muso. Is that where the problem lies?

I’ve read issues on this forum before with mesh systems that are running their own dhcp. Hence any wired units are on a different network from the wifi ones. As soon as someone mentions “mesh” ahhhh there’s your issue.
Whatever wifi solution you are using, make sure it’s still the router running dhcp and there’s nothing else upsetting that.

I believe Duykhanh2104 said that he has used Ethernet. In my case that eliminated the mesh issue.

Another question - what about the controls on the Muso itself. Do the 5 Favorite buttons work (assuming that at least one involves streaming like internet radio)?

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Muso on Ethernet, phone on WiFi, so can the phone see the muso?

I asked if he could ping the Muso with the iPhone, and he said yes and added that the Net Analyzer app could locate it.

He has also said several times that Airplay worked between the iPhone and the Muso. That’s what drew my interest. Airplay works differently than other streaming sources. Airplay streams first go to the iDevice over the internet and then to the end renderer (over either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). I figured that something in that structure allowed Airplay to work when Tidal Direct did not.

Another question - if you type in the IP address in Safari what do you get? I get a page titled Naim Configuration.

You re right. I’m using wired so I think it’s not related to wifi mesh. Iphone also detect ip muso. 5 favorites radio channel on muso not working when got hang issue.
I’ve not tried go ip muso on browser iphone and laptop. Let me try in next trouble.

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@robert_h : yes confirmed only my google nest master provides dhcp . I turn off 2nd mesh node. And setting correct network, I run my network for a long time with no conflict ip/ devices.

It seems to me that if the radio buttons don’t work, we can rule out the app as the source of the problem. And if you can see the Muso via your browser, it will reconfirm (along with the ping) that the devices on your LAN can see the Muso.

So, as far as I can tell, the problem comes down to the Muso not being able to maintain a connection with the Internet (as opposed to your LAN). I honestly don’t know why that should be, as your modem is working. (Modem is American term, I think, still used here for digital connections to the internet. Not sure where else it is still used.)

As Blythe said:

But in addition to swapping routers, can you swap modems? I rent mine from my ISP, and I can go to their nearest shop in NYC and trade in one for another, no questions asked.

One last question: you also mention that the USB hard drive has the same problem. Is that directly connected to the Muso? That would be inconsistent with my theory and in fact any network-related theory. Or do you only have a problem with the HDD, after having the problem with Tidal?

Yes, same issue with hdd external. When i play music on folder , it will play to the end of file in folder, but cant access folder again because can go to app to control, if music stopped can play again hdd. Seem gear hung.
But the weird is I still can stream via airplay although cant access naim app till unplug power cord.
I suspect module stream music of music is separated. So I can stream music via airplay, bluetooth ( i think same airplay meant can play by bluetooth) . And app naim is controlled by another module and guess firmware has not stable
I haven’t borrowed another router yet. Maybe this weekend I will ask my friend to borrow

Running out of theories on my end. I assume you have deleted and re-downloaded the Naim app. Maybe stop reserving the IP address?

Really, I’m just guessing at this point.

Today isssue happen. From my browser iphone when the device got issue, i input the ip muso and see connected. Stills can stream via airplay, tidal connect, spotify connect. Can switch favorite radio internet
Just cant go into naim app. Streamer not responding . I’m on google router. Not yet replace another router

I think it’s time to contact Naim Support. Or speak to your dealer.

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The circumstances the OP is describing seem to confirm the Muso unit is finding the network, but it is not finding the phone with the Naim app on it. I have had this happen occasionally with my Muso QB2 (which is on wifi) - the app (on my android phone) just wont connect to the Muso. Power cycling the Muso always reconnects it with the app. I was looking in the Naim app network settings (Settings-Other Settings-Network settings), and i noticed there is a “DHCP” on/off button. I don’t know why a player has a DHCP control, but when i turned DHCP on, the app would not connect with the Muso, until i power cycled the Muso again. So maybe the OP can try switching that DHCP control on or off to see if it makes a difference. Otherwise, the problem sounds like it might be an IP address conflict caused by the OP’s router set up.

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It’s really not at all about the muso not finding the phone. It’s the other way round. The app on the phone not finding the muso.

But then why don’t even the radio buttons work?

Sry my mistake. Radio button can working, because Vietnam internet is being unstable cause sea fiber interupted, so it’s slowly with internet global previously I switch but no sound. But now internet is faster so I can hear radio internet when switch button.

Could you explain OP ? What does it mean? Operation ?
Do you think DHCP on muso it make conflicts ip? I think dhcp mode on on muso is meant always listening router and if off you have to set static ip.
Is Your suggestion turn off dhcp control of muso ? I see dhcp now is on